Monday, May 31, 2010

Self-portraiture: Alisya Irdina Khairil

Alisya Irdina did this on her own, using her Fujifilm Point & Shoot.

Really good for a kid - to be able to figure this out!

Perfect exposure, nice framing, SHARP!

Some people out there would take ages to fiddle around the setting of their DSLR, contemplating what lens to use, how to bounce the flash (erkk, really need flash ka? CLS? STUDIO LIGHTING SET?!!)

In the end, the moment is gone....not the case for Alisya Irdina Khairil! :o) ALHAMDULILLAH!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tea & strawberry

...exploration day for the kids!
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Friday, May 28, 2010

C is for....

...Cameron Highlands.
That's where Neena & family are heading right now.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dusty Heat of the pieces of my very recent work:
"Dusty heat - charcoal makers of Port Weld"
Finally walking my own path to the destination I set.

Fueled with determination and pure passion...but no matter how well I am going to make it through, my feet will ALWAYS be touching the ground.
So, Please Help me Allah...for I have suffered enough.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Imagemaker at work, Port Weld, Perak, Malaysia.

~ Khairil F. Jamian, CHAPTERSimages, Malaysia

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

18 Holes? No thanx....I have a family.

Supposedly, I had to meet my buddy and do some shots of the business booth I co-sponsored for an event in Putrajaya. Lesson learned on that Saturday was, Park & Ride buses are cool...but the tram system that was supposed to support the carnival- suck big time!
Anyway, the kids enjoyed the bus ride. Maybe one day when they are ready we'll do a bus-trip journey. That would be fun, I guess...but that will have to come after their first camping trip which is something the twin have always been asking since they were 5 years old.

The crowd in Putrajaya was just too much to handle - with the heat and humidity on the top of the chart - the kids were dehydrated and we decided to call it off, and take a break at a nearby On The Run....then back to our rumahpangsa...just in time to enjoy Nim's Island! It was one of their favorite movies when they were younger...and they still enjoy it yesterday....after Nim's Island, everything seems dark and cozy....last thing I heard was - "Byee Ayah kita nak pergi pool"...


Ever since I am on this medication-diet (or whatever you wanna call it), I have not been taking rice for almost a month and a bowl of soup is enough to make me full and I guess that's why I could not really recall what we had for dinner!!! Anyway, the kids were surprisingly still energetic after a long, I had to do something...bedtime story the extended version....and they slept well.

The next thing I knew, wifey asked me to switch off the TV!! My notebooks were all around me, I guess I must have been trying to sketch the framework for my documentary works to be featured somewhere by year end....or was I just trying to sleep on the couch? Entahlah!!

We had a late start on Sunday which is ok, since our everyday starts at 5:45am, so 6:30am is still ok compared to those who stars they weekend at 1pm!!!! :o)
The whole bunch decided to lepak by the pool - kids wanna play with their scoots. After a light breakfast we head on to the library (rather a reading room for me!) and spend the day in there until we had lunch at the clubhouse cafe.

It was a nice way to spend the weekend. Since the kids can now read storybook and all (including Neena) we are trying to make them accustom to be in a library environment. Everybody bring their own writing equipments and notebooks....and they enjoy sitting together drawing, sketching, writing, reading....and I finally managed to properly do the framework and initial contacts for the documentary projects.

Maybe I would not be able to to all this if I am...say....a golf addict....I think....?
I cannot ask my kids to sit and read, write, sketch if I am not doing the same thing.....but then again golfers (or desperate wannabe) may just bring their kids to the course and play all 18-holes with the family!!!
Well...I am not fortunate enough like them...but I am very fortunate to be me and to be with my family because, that is the best way of life I can ever think of....most of all, sincerely living it, not living it because I desperately want to be acknowledged by the society!
That is why I never peduli if people ask me why I don't play if it is a sin!

Here's my actual answer that I never have the heart to tell any golfer:
There's more to life than just wasting a bundle of hundred RM and a weekend with 18 overly used holes.....aye?

Hmm...while I am at it, just to answer other "groupies" killer questions too:

+ There is more to life than going on a joy-ride with that expensive two-wheeled machine underneath your balls...while riding, the positives of your amal get depleted per kilometer of ride because of the rasa juah & riak menunjuk2....aye?
Ohh spare me the argument, please! Setitik halus pun sure mesti ada rasa bangga memiliki dan menunjuk2 mototbusat kat public...kan?

+ There is more to life than going around all weekend shooting almost naked model yg dah mmg dia tu bini orang or anak orang...sesetengah awak tu dah ada cucu pun masih bodoh nak mampus lagi pasal light & basic exposure...nak kena ada model tertonggeng2 baru boleh belajar?? Dah abis belajar pasal hukum agama yg paling basic....dah?

Nope, aku tak perli sesiapa in person. Just reminding everybody in general and I am just telling myself yet again how fortunate I am to sincerely live a life with this beautiful family of mine!

Marah? Well...I never invited you to read my ramblings in the first place.... :o)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Neena, Nini & Sparkle

Nini is Neena's pet angora rabbit which she herself chose for her fourth birthday.
Since I had no option (Neena = BOSS!) I decided to buy 2 rabbits at that point of time so, Alisya & Naufal picked a smaller angora rabbit which they named Sparkle....and I have mentioned in an earlier entry that I don't really fancy keeping pets because I want living souls to be free to roam the earth..and I prefer to call them Pot-pot & Nyot-nyot....(don't ask me why, suka hati aku la aku yg beli maa?!).

Pot-pot & Nyot-nyot has grown...quite big, I had to cut my lunch money and bought them a bigger cage for them (again, sebab aku kesian and consider them as human - mesti mau space to run and have fun also leh?) Compare them when we first got them here : SINI

Anyway, Neena's been taking care of her rabbits least for this week she has always insisted that she would be the one to feed them in the morning, spend some time "talking" to them...
then off to school....

At 4 years of age, there is the sense being responsible in her already...Alhamdulillah. Sense of loving creatures & people - definitely there....of course, she's my baby!!

Post Entry: When we arrived home today at about 8pm, Nini & Sparkle were happy hopping around the balcony....apparently Neena must have opened the cage doors without me noticing before she went to school!! Happy sakan laa dua ekor arnab tu merdeka sehari suntuk!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Alisya Irdina & Naufal Irsyad with their buddies @ 6:40am on Monday, the first day of their first exam week.

Performance driven? Highly competitive? I can't seem to see it here. At this age, they just want to be kids, play with their friends, make more friends and enjoy their life.....

...but what happened to us adults?

4. least, let your kids enjoy the childhood.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


.....and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you, Tok Mak & Nek Hon too.

Friday, May 07, 2010


Such adorable eyes. Always talking about what she sees, her new experience of the day. Always love sketching and drawing about it. Always asking about what she wonders. Always adorable. Always my baby girl, I just want to treasure each moment with her.

For the past weeks, I have been quite active in the community forum of our urhmm...."rumah pangsa". Yesterday, I was informed by a pakguard, one of their colleague was immediately terminated, as ordered by the maintenance office. Reason being. he was doing the doo-doo at the public washroom and the maintenance office manager was there too and questioned why was he there at 9am whereby his duty started at 7am.
How sad.
Good thing is, the supervisor just "berlakon" with the arrogant manager...the pakguard will be moved to other building, no more to be on duty at our condo...erkk...uurhmmm rumah pangsa.

Rules. Regulations. Discipline. Policy.
On top of all those - humanity. Something that many put aside for the sake of being professional.
I am not saying we should be kind to all no matter what and sacrifice the professionalism we are supposed to uphold. No. Just try to understand the predicament of the other party before we decide on something. The four items mentioned on the first line of this part are made by humans. It is being enforced on humans. It is no greater than just a set of order to be obeyed....which may have been made to the benefit of some group of a certain extent, maybe an unfair advantage.

Anyway, I am just glad the old pakguard still get to keep his job - he has kids to feed, still - otherwise, I fear that all the guards will have to wear diapers while on duty.

How could we treat the guards (and the tea-ladies, janitors, tukang kebun, Banglas, Indons, Gurkhas etc) as if they are third-class-citizens at our disposal? Why is it so difficult for us to smile and say "Apa khabar" to them? Why?
Anyway we are not in the same "wavelength" as, some of us went to Harvard, Oxford, Cardiff etc....definitely we do not have many similar topic to talk with a tea-lady makcik in our office... Oh...we are just too busy with our schedules perhaps?

Maybe the only time we would not be busy is when we are already six-feet under. It would be already too late to smile to those people.....but rest assured, the tukang kebun/jaga kubur will be there to help clear the unwanted grasses on our graves and maybe sadaqah some surah for us while clearing our graves...and the pakguards will be there to not allow stray dogs to pee on our tombstones too....we might not know their names, but they would...because our names are already written on our tombstones.

....but hey...would the logo of the company we worked in, our title & positions be on that tombstones too?

So...what's the name of the tea-lady on your floor again?