Saturday, April 24, 2010


Aliya Irdina:
"Ayah, Aliya ada something for you. A present"
Aliya's pet KingKong:
"Uihh? Ada present? Waaah!! Bestnyerrr!!"
Aliya Irdina:"Nah...ini Aliya & Ayah. Yang ini muka Ayah sahaja..."
Aliya's pet KingKong:"Waahh pandainyaaa...." (realized that she used the big sis's scissors - something I warned her not to do the night before...heheh, smart kid!)

I keep all the sketches and arts - done or given to me by my kids - in my personal journal (not a moleskine, cannot afford those lah, not yet kut!). Some are not really given to me but rather then let it be wasted, I just took if from the bin and keep it! There's a ring binder at The Republik for all the works they did at the studio too. At this point of time, I can say that my passion to analyse, write/ sketch about what I see and experience, is there in Aliya (Neena). Who knows, one day she'd be a good writer & photographer. (Tak payah kerja jadi balachi company orang macam Ayah masa muda dulu lah ok Neena?)

Rare and priceless treasures, those.
If I don't allow time to appreciate and collect/ document/ write my feelings about it in that journal I mentioned, it will be such a waste.

I had all the luxury of time this Saturday morning. Alisya & Naufal have a "replacement class" so the day starts like a normal week. After sending them I decided to do breakfast and just lepak at the usual kedai we love to go for breakfast.
A tabligh person approached me after I finished my dishes...and sold me alcohol-free perfume (minyak atar lah!). Been a long time since I last bought a perfume Well, Ia m not a perfume guy anyway, since I got married, whatever my dear wifey gave me as present would be the only perfume I have, until the next purchase or gift from her!
The tabligh person then asked me if I can buy him some foods. Of course. An opportunity to do sadaqah and a chat. From our introduction talk, I get to know that he is a Bangladeshi by the name of Muhammad Sattar, probably in his mid 40's.
The first thing that Sattar did when his food arrived was to recite doa, not just the usual doa makan but quite a lengthy one, specifically asking Allah's blessings - for me! (Alhamdulillah).
We had discussion on some stuff - related to Islam of course - some points I do agree but some, well let's just say what I have learned since I was a child - dari sekoah agama Johor, sampai la mengaji pondok sikit masa remaja, sampai la abis grad UIA & also what my arwah Bah Tua termed as "mengaji kutip" i.e. spending time listening to ceramah and the likes at many surau/masjid - has different approach to it.
One very prominent one was when Sattar asked about my kids and then somehow or rather he made a statement that kids will just waste our wealth but wives would not thus why he has wives. (oookkkk....I see...)
Hmmmm...that is too general, a statement but well, I wish not to argue about it, after all this poor guy is enjoying his first meal of the day, let him enjoy it lah!
Sattar asked me if I know about their "markas" in Sri Petaling.
Yeah, many do know about that.
He invited me to come there tonight because there's going to be a muzakarah, with brothers from all around the region.
InsyaAllah, was my answer but I know I would not be there since I have planned something for my kids for the whole weekend. Sattar then sincerely admits that he needs a new jubah since the only one he has on him is really "uzur" and it is timely to get a new one for the muzakarah.

Well, sometimes people will say - entah ya ke tidak - but for my my approach is always like this: if I can make do without that certain amount of money for the benefit of others that need it more than I do, it is their rezeki that Allah provided and I am just a medium. InsyaAllah. If it is otherwise, well, that is between that person and Allah.
We continued talking and when he knew I am a businessman, he started another doa...telling me InsyaAllah with a pure and sincere heart, a business can go far and what we contribute back to the needy shall be rewarded by Allah many folds. InsyaAllah.
I had to leave Sattar since I am have tapau nasi lemak for my wifey & Aliya.
Pleasant conversation on a Saturday morning.

What have I learn?
Well, I always feel honored and blessed when a person recites a sincere doa. Not everybody is blessed to have others doing doa for him/her everyday....true?
So, once in a while, when a stranger does that for you...and you have been through thick and thin just a couple of moons ago, don't you think that Allah is trying to convey a message to you?

So, it is good to allow time to appreciate and understand others - even strangers - around us. At least, for 30 minutes on a weekend, just try to slow down a bit from our hectic lifestyle...because if we never try, we might never learn something new and just continue living the way we have been "tuned" to.
In the end what you should really sit and think about is this: Do you really think you will have that time to appreciate what is around you, go lepak masjid, do hajj etc etc..only after you retire?

To each, his own....c'est la vie.

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