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The Privileged Many

I am sure everybody knows well the definition of "privilege". Yes? OK.
Now, in certain matters, we tend to forget that we are actually being among the ones that could be categorized as privileged.
How come?
Well simply because we are just too blind at heart. We became too accustomed to what we already are bestowed with that we totally take it as "the ordinary package" that should come as it is, without us owing anything to Allah.
Too general a statement? OK. Let's go down to the details....

Since Malaysian GP F1 week has just ended, let us use it as our prime example of my statement above.

We have the hill-stands - covered & uncovered - and the grandstands for the spectators to watch the race. By default, Malaysian would just wait or ask for free tickets first before purchasing it at the last minute (if they are really hardcore fans of F1 lah!)

Maka berduyun-duyun lah rakyat jelata ke gelanggang pertarungan. Yang bulat datang bergolek, yang pipih datang melayang, yang buta datang berpimpin, yang capek datang bertongkat, yang kudung datang mengesot, yang jauh berpanggilan, yang dekat berimbauan.....

To cut is short, the hill stands are filled with spectators and the grandstand.....well not so!!

The matter of fact is, on the KL Straight the grandstands are normally purchased by companies i.e. the tickets are free for some staff or customers or who ever Akamazamabamaboo they want to give it to.
The hill stands, are normally being purchased by those who just love to watch expensive rigs being driven around and around and around in circles by lucky blokes who get paid very well...and maybe the pitgurls who are mainly filled with zero knowledge about the F1 matters (but also get paid very well for standing in the hot sun and walking in high heels for about a kilometer or so!)
...but of course, some of the people on the hill stands came with free tickets lah...this is Malaysia maa you cannot discount the subsidy mentality of the 1MalaysiaBoleh people leehh!

For the sake of the topic, let us just focus on those who were given the grandstand tickets.

...and please, if you think I am bashing these people or the company that sponsored them, you must be having the same mentality like my previous retarded bosses I used to have in the company I used to work with. This is my blog and I am expressing my thoughts based on my observation, I am not bashing anybody in person but if you feet that way, then my observation is probably very good lah...and you have been hit spot on between your eyes! :o)

So, the discussion here is about "The Privileged Many".
Unlike the commonly used phrase - the privileged few - I have stated earlier that we are all privileged in some areas that we tend to neglect.

Those who were given the grandstand tickets got a very massive privilege compared to those who bought tickets for the hot & humid bare ground on the hills.

....but look at this shot...
The grand stands are almost empty, couple of hours before the race starts!

Where are those privileged many???
There were more general public cum wannabe sports photographers with free access on Friday.

Is this bad? I don't know....but form years of experience, video-graphers/ photographers will shoot as tight as possible to not capture the empty spaces in between (teehehehe!!! Malaysia Boleh!!)

Why do those privileged many kept it to the last minute before they land their butts on the grandstand seats? You ask them! I can only assume.....

...and my assumptions are:
(a) They have many other things to do than come early and be in under the covered area with noisy, hot & humid environment.
(b) The tickets are free, not from their wallet. So, it's not their loss. The rakyat would not mind letting go of a couple thousand RM a pax for this event. Rakyat kan mewah.
(c) Ohhh it is not rakyat's money? Duit company? Ohhh I the company would not mind wasting a couple thousand RM a pax for this event...true? If it is true then it is ok laa, wasting money is perhaps part of the main KPI for some in the company, aye? :o)

...but at least, they came, even though the race was just about to start.
The baddies among these privileged many here, would be the ones that would not come, do not come or simply just don't give a damn about it.
The worst of these privileged many would be those who brags about having the access saying they are already bored with it and the tickets are just lying somewhere....dah ler dpt free dgn duit company ke duit rakyat tak kira laa....siap riak & juah lagi, tak pergi lagi....kalau bagi kat orang lain pun ok laa ni ntah mana dicampaknya pulak tickets tu....

Things that come easy, are always naturally taken as not that valuable. Offer those seats to the hill stands fan, they'd be running to grab it.

Now in my case, I can say I have at least one similar privilege like those on the grandstands.
I get to be in the F1 Area every year taking photographs for the F1 Medical Services Marshal.
However, the privilege does not come rolling to me...I had to work or in many years and I have to maintain and also improve the level of excellence managed to set, to at least meet the expectations of the leaders.
Similar eh?
Well...if you say so.
(a) I have to be on the track weeks before the race day...and during the race week almost 12hour day...and it is all about the Army way of doing things. Very taxing but I find it pleasing because even though I am under a scorching hot sun (well, for at least couple of hours a day I get to rest & surf in the comfortable air-conditioned rooms in the center la!)
(b) I get to be in the pit and support paddock and on the MedEvac helicopters
(c) I get paid for it
(d) I am not working, just living my passion and read (c) please!) certain ways, I am more privileged than those on the grandstands...Alhamdulillah.
That is why I am there with the marshals - long before others are on the seats, long after others have gone back home.

...and I always give the expected and a bit more for the team who made me the official for the past couple of years ( and insyaAllah more years to come, Alhamduillah!). That is the least I can do to show my gratitude. Am loving it. Have always love doing in. Will always love doing it as long as I am needed to be there! :o)

The key point I am trying to say here is - we all have some privileges that we may have taken for granted. Simple one would be the privilege given by Allah to be on this earth. Oh yes, it is a it not?

In some organization pulak, some got promoted while others get the gallows, in my case dulu (duluuuu laaa, dah lama dulu, 2008/2009!!) in the end I got the gallows, the others got a big nice room as their office, car grant (belum dapat confirmation dah pukul canang nak beli Honda CR-V....hahah!! OH please! Melayu sungguh! Miskin giler!!) , dah tu mesti mau enjoy dah naik "darjat" - sibuk tayang gambar bwk family pi oversea holiday, ada yg ride on reason pi oversea courses (pergi melancong free laa, dah bodoh tu bodoh la juga hantar course 10tahun pun otak still sama punye dungu!) short - hidup mewah dgn the privileges given due to the title by the organization, orang lain yg buat kerja mcm nak gila plak yg kena tendang.
For those who did it to me, I say - Alhamdulillah. Rezki korang laa kan, kat dunia ni dgn pedajal orang yg dulu support kau & pernah jadi sahabat kau sendiri. Alhamdulillah.

I am not saying yang aku ni bagus sangat...but how many of us here place the kalimah 'Alhamdulillah' at the tip of the tongue? Susah sangat nak sebut....lagi senang nak sebut YESSSSSSS!! Kan?

So, take a step back, and re-appreciate the privileges we may have neglected. Better still, if you have a pure heart, those that not supposed to be yours, return it back to those who deserve it.

....but as far as the F1 is concerned, I am not the privileged many....
In my case, I am the privileged ONE...!! For that I have many many many times say ALHAMDULILLAH.

So, you got free grandstand ticket for next season?
:o) Alhamdulilah.

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