Friday, April 02, 2010

Journey to success, least travelled by some too many

Sometimes we may think that we have so many things to do, yet we have so little time and energy. What will make the difference would be the priority we put to specific items.

On the bigger perspective of life, how we decide to really live the one and only life we have might set us apart from many others people around us.

Success is a matter of comparison. One's success might not happen without another one's failure. How one plays the game would set him/ her persona from the rest.

Why am I babbling all the above?

No particular reason. It is just that I have been observing how many treats me as a photographer. It just amazes me. Maybe it is just too difficult for them to comprehend. Maybe they just could not have the guts to think deeply enough and understand it. Maybe.

Anyway, what others may comprehend do not matter at all to me. As the saying goes - There is only one way. Forward. Sure, it has always been forward, the way....really? Sampai melingkup pun tak apa asalkan forward? Heheh! :o)

So, if people say the only way is forward, I don't quite agree...but success, well that's more like it. A focus...but anyway I am not going to argue about it....

Sometimes it takes more than a big heart to make that move.
Sometimes even a big heart have grudges and to the very extreme - dendam tak sudah.
Sometimes it is easier for many to generalize matters and advise some without really understanding how it feels to be in the other person's shoes.
...but to each, his own. People can say what they want, people can compare what they want...but in the end, life is not a competition - well at least not for me!

So, how's your journey so far?

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