Friday, April 02, 2010

Hierarchical segregation

There are reasons why we are what we are and others are what they are. Of course, by default everybody would want to be in the very best possible position in life. However, not all are lucky and blessed enough to get everything that they wished for.
So, when we are where we are, we should be grateful for it....and be realistic about moving up to the next level of our preferred position in life just so that we don't end up being a slave to achieve our goals and forget to get the best out of our own life - living it!!!
...but of course, every single person has different interpretation to this subject, so, what I mentioned above was just what I am tuned to do or achieve. As far as I am concerned, I am on the right track.

I just could not stop from observing, analyzing and trying to understand what people around me are doing. The key of the matter that I tend to observe on this particular day is about hierarchical segregation....for instance, due to the segregation we have ranks in the Army team & commoners in the F1 Medical Services Marshals....

...and on a bigger perspective, we have the cleaners, garbage collectors, the grid girls, the policemen, the safety guards....but all are here for just one reason - to make the event a successful one.

The matter of fact is that even though there is one general goal that everybody is contributing towards achieving, how they communicate or rather intersected with one another makes that one goal become a complex menu to handle.

One incident I had to endure was when I came out to shoot some of the F1 rigs on practice run, I was stopped by the budak guard (since he's a lot more younger & smaller than me) and he started pushing me to not enter the helicopter area...instead of giving him a free lesson of Taekwondo, Aikido & some silats, I asked him politely why?
...and all he could answer was his boss said nobody is allowed to be there...
Couple of minutes later, the boss came and started telling me the rules and all, I listened and obeyed because I am just too tired in life to argue with people who are supposedly just to be doing their job but turned out to be a power-crazy bastards who thinks they rule the world just because they have the title on their tag...duh!

....and the next day I asked the senior pak guard the permission to enter the helicopter pad to do group photo for the medical marshal....he was quite responsive but still...that sense of "I have the power" is just too obvious when he asked me about my presence there with no tabard - I told him FIA & SIC did not manage to provide enough for all the personnel, so I have none.

A cocky answer from him was that he was told that there are surpluses of polite answer to him was - I am not in the position to know but if there are surpluses we sure could do with some for our officers!

The next thing I knew, rupa-rupanya that big bos of security yg perasan he owns the circuit sudah kenaaa kaw-kaw dgn the Datuks & Generals of the Army team the day before, because he stubbornly (and very very stupidly) did not allow the Army Vehicles to enter the Paddock area without proper designated sticker.

Obviously the guy is a pure newbie amateur in this arena...during F1, anything attached to wheels with Z as the plate number, is never to be stopped by anybody!

Keyword mentioned above - One Goal.

If the Medical Marshall are being order to leave the track by the Generals......F1 will not, in this scenario, who's the one in power here?

The truth - NOBODY is!!! We are all supposed to be working as a team!

At the end of the day, the people who made all the fuss had to just see me walk to the helicopters and do my stuff. Some even had to salute me as I pass them in a Perdana with Z plate number....and yet as I pass them I still say - terima kasih Encik to them, with a smile.

Then comes the grid girls. Oh yeah, many perverts are openly displaying their "good behavior" when the girls set foot on the F1 area...but to me, they are only worth to be photographed as what I have presented here.....pretty, not really, smart, hmmm you must be kidding....knowledge about F1...well, go and ask the general semuanya terlebih berlagak, just because they have the brand of a green oil drop on their boobies and arsses...padahal semua tu duit siapa? Duit rakyat juga asalnya. Nak berlagak over-over buat apa?

For them to think that they should have the access to the Medical Center's exclusive areas (especially the toilets lah!) because they are the "pretty queens" for the event, was a huge mistake. The Datuks & Generals directly asked them to use the portable toilet provided by them next to their tent! Buahahaah!! The reason was too simple - they have totally misbehaved in many ways - it is a medical center and the access is on business / emergency related to medical matters...but they used it to smoke, layan lepak, took photoas at the area where I was asked to moved by the guards (pak guard takut betina ke? Teeheheh!!!) and etc etc....

As a human being I pity them but too bad...sebab berlagak sangat and the committee lady pun sangatlah eksyen, rasakan...wrong place, wrong people to mess with, beeyatch!

You think that green oil drop logo is so powerful? Think is not the company of bapak kau laa!!

I am not gonna get involved in the circus, the circus continues, I am just here to do my job and it is almost completed....observing the circus around me is just part of the deal that comes free with the package I guess...heheh!

At the end of the day, maybe we still need to have the hierarchical segregation to a certain extent but how we treat each other should always be based on certain acceptable level tolerance and as humans we should always be polite to each other.

You'll never know, maybe the person you pushed around today might actually be the one you have to salute as he comes to your area, soon after.

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