Friday, April 23, 2010

A friend with a sincere heart....

Last Friday, I had a good chat with a good friend.
He was eager to help me in some business platform...although he was supposed to collect his Blackberry during that appointment time but since he was not sure if he can get it in time and he knew I have another appointment immediately after meeting him, he left the Maxis Center and met me instead. (Salute - this is a virtue of a true professional business person!)

The very first sentence he uttered, I already had the answer - unfortunately, for him, I have started on the same platform couple of months earlier.

Being a passionate person in things that he believes, he wasn't disappointed at all. Instead the first word that came from him after I told him I have done it earlier, was ALHAMDULILLAH. (Salute - this is a virtue of a true Hamba Allah!)

It struck me there and then that he was really sincere in his intention of trying to help me out (since I don't earn that automatic-fat-balance-in-my-account at the end of the month like I used to lah), unlike many others that have approached me, the first intent of those others was simply to get a person as their down-line or whatchamacallit...yeah, ugly intent but c'est la vie for many out there.

The good friend then told me he was restless since the day before (when he met me as he was registering for that BB from Maxis) and he told me he mentioned to his dear wife about me doing my partnership business, totally out of the system we used to be in with very very little capital compared to what he has from his retirement scheme.

"I don't know what I am going to do with all that money Torque....but aku dah niat akan bagi modal untuk bantu kau kalau perlu, but Alhamdulillah, lega hati aku bila dengar kau dah start lagi awal dari aku...Alhamdulillah!" (...and we shook hands for the third or maybe the fourth time that morning!)

For more than an hour, had a good chat about stuff....and bid farewell with a promise that we'll keep in-touch about another few business models that I have worked on and to get him connected to the contacts that I have in mind...

....but fulfilling that promise shall never be possible, because Allah loves him more...
...and his soul is now resting in peace.

My only regret was I could not visited him in the ICU because considering the condition he was in, it was best to not allow visitors. A chat with Kakak Rassa- one of his beloved daughters - I was told that Allahyarham did mention to his beloved wife about meeting me on that purely sincere he was about helping me out....Subhanallah.

Things happened so quick, a good chat not even a week ago and now, he will only be in our memories....

....the least I could do was to help carry him to his last resting place (such a co-incident, the location gives a good view of PETRONAS Twin Towers - Tower 1 KLCC) and to contribute my energy on the cangkul and tanah to cover his grave...that was the least I could do....and of course to do doa for him....

M Idris Tahir, was a good friend to many, a good mentor to many....and he lives, always, in the memories of those many, whose hearts he has touched.


We'll miss you MIT.

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