Monday, March 29, 2010

School week deals 1

The week have been quite tiring. I guess age is really catching up on me...of course some might say I need to trim down and stay fit yadayadyadayadaa...well, go read my earlier entries....teheheh!

The fact is, handling a twin aged 7 and a girl aged 4 at one go is quite a challenge. They were much easier to handle when they were babies....the twins aged 3 and Aliya as an infant back then. Even if I had to take care of all 3 babies at was much easier!
Anyway, the fun is still in abundance....

....some may say pity the kids, long hours of schooling, penat sgt laa, byk homeworklaa, no rest laa etc etc....well, hangpa ka yg jaga depa? Anak2 hangpa pernah ka pi sekolah mcm anak2 aku? Dah tu hangpa apa tau??

It is for their own good. They are already accustomed to the long hours.
I don't intend to torture them at parents, we know what's good an what's not for our kids...and at the same time, we don't push them to become what we want them to become, we let them choose, we just guide....
Many say the same...but few actually does it...because some people treat their kids as trophies....always about competing in life...c'est la vie....

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