Sunday, March 21, 2010

The school break deals....

...nothing much since it was just a week long break but we had fun nevertheless!!

Taekwon-do...just like Ayah & Mama diorang masa muda-muda dulu lah!

<-- Their buddy - Muhamad, who lives in Bangsar but schools in Setapak Chung Hwa!!
...until the day the start school, they still have fun each and every day.

However, when I read the status of many in Facebook, starting work again is such a heavy burden....really pity them....but like I always say: It comes with the money - lah!!

...but how come I never feel like that anymore?
=> It comes with the money and joy of actually living a passion!

Have a good weekdays my friends.
I enjoy my weekends, all week long.

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