Monday, March 29, 2010

School week deals 2

I just enjoy the moments talking with Aliya Irdina @ Neena. She is becoming more matured than her age, keen to analyze others, not afraid to voice out her mind & times quite stubborn with her stand and need long persuasion to make her change her decision. (...hmm....sounds familiar...)

She already made up her mind to attend the same school like Alisya & Naufal...and somehow, quite a surprise to me, she said when she grew even bigger she wants to go to the college next to the school (which will be operational anytime if I a not mistaken)..and oh yes, she always pointed out - Uncle Vig's condo is behind there!!!

It is just sheer joy to have Aliya by my side, I try to spend as much time as possible to converse with her...the opportunity is rare to be honest because she is closer to my wifey most of the time, only if the "manja" feeling towards me come to surface she'd spend more time with me. It is just natural, she's been Mama's best buddy since her early embryo days!! (You can read my entries about her from day-0 to birth)

I would be lying if I claim I a not worried about their future. Being a self-employed father of 3 growing kids, is a challenge. I admit I kinda miss the constant figure in my bank account at the end of each month. They might not be having the opportunities like the children of the organization I used to be in but I am trying my best to make it much better for them, trying and praying. The journey in there for me was a disaster, from highly enthusiastic to totally bitter, so, I left the building without anybody helping me to carry my stuff - though a number of good buddies wanted to lend a hand - for me, I came in on my own, I must go out on my own....and build my own future...and have more time together with my loved ones...sound easy and romantic but it requires a different drive and mentality and miles and miles and miles of hearts, I guess.

...but I am sure, InsyaAllah, since 10-Nov-2009, life have been better for the kids...

School week deals 1

The week have been quite tiring. I guess age is really catching up on me...of course some might say I need to trim down and stay fit yadayadyadayadaa...well, go read my earlier entries....teheheh!

The fact is, handling a twin aged 7 and a girl aged 4 at one go is quite a challenge. They were much easier to handle when they were babies....the twins aged 3 and Aliya as an infant back then. Even if I had to take care of all 3 babies at was much easier!
Anyway, the fun is still in abundance....

....some may say pity the kids, long hours of schooling, penat sgt laa, byk homeworklaa, no rest laa etc etc....well, hangpa ka yg jaga depa? Anak2 hangpa pernah ka pi sekolah mcm anak2 aku? Dah tu hangpa apa tau??

It is for their own good. They are already accustomed to the long hours.
I don't intend to torture them at parents, we know what's good an what's not for our kids...and at the same time, we don't push them to become what we want them to become, we let them choose, we just guide....
Many say the same...but few actually does it...because some people treat their kids as trophies....always about competing in life...c'est la vie....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The school break deals....

...nothing much since it was just a week long break but we had fun nevertheless!!

Taekwon-do...just like Ayah & Mama diorang masa muda-muda dulu lah!

<-- Their buddy - Muhamad, who lives in Bangsar but schools in Setapak Chung Hwa!!
...until the day the start school, they still have fun each and every day.

However, when I read the status of many in Facebook, starting work again is such a heavy burden....really pity them....but like I always say: It comes with the money - lah!!

...but how come I never feel like that anymore?
=> It comes with the money and joy of actually living a passion!

Have a good weekdays my friends.
I enjoy my weekends, all week long.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Race Control Room

...SIC, on assignment for F1 Medical Suppprt Team.
~ on Symbian mobile device

Monday, March 15, 2010


...was ready with the kids for our first underwater shoot at the pool....unfortunately it is being cleaned and can only be ready at 4pm.
So, have to tell them we have a switch of plan....they can read their storybooks and watch TV while I work stuff out with Vader then we do water time in the evening....which means, more time in the water, compared to morning session!! Wheeeeeee!!!
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Saturday, March 13, 2010


The recent assignment I did, gave me another fresh perspective about life. I made new friends and business contacts - indirectly - but what matters most to me is I got the opportunity to be a part of a unique history.
Quite a hectic assignment....some day I have to be on the road from 6:30am, shooting in many locations all day long and only back to the hotel room to get ready for dinner shoot....but it was a good experience....and I will write about it soon.

I realized, sometimes life is not about what we want, what we have...but it is also about what we have lost...I have a long way to go but I am sure I will be there...insyaAllah.

...thank you to YM Tuanku Raja Besar and the family from West Sumatra, and all my new friends....