Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those routines that could not be replaced by any sum of wealth

Sometimes, at the rate we are going (highly influenced by the world's common race for something indefinite), we will be sucked in so deep into nothingness and forget to breathe and savor the moments we have in each day of our short lifetime.

I try not be in the common state, as much as I could....for instance:

I treasure each time Neena (or any of my kids) would come to my small workstation at home to ask me something....

It is always a sheer joy, watching my baby sleeps...

Everyday, before the first sunray reached the earth, the twins are already on their way to school, and each day, I would not miss it for the world to send them, up to the door of their classroom.

Once I am back from sending the twins, Neena would already be in her uniform. Sitting with her, simply observing her enjoying her first meal of the day, is really a massive joy.

Fetching Neena from her school, the sound of her footsteps running towards the car, the smile of joy on her face. The world is just simply, mine....mine.

....and the chats we'd have before we doze off...
Owh, the shot below was taken on the first day of the new year for Hokkiens, therefore the twins were not supposed to be schooling....teehehe...good thing their Auntie Liza was there on holiday otherwise I would not be at The Republik on that day too! :o)

It is just something that I could not possible describe nor make everybody appreciate it like I do...but it does not matter at all for me. I am enjoying it. I took the red pill. I am off the matrix. Never wanted to even consider the blue pill anymore. I guess what I am saying here is....I've been waiting for this moment all my life.....say what you want...but I am here. Already.

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