Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lepak Kampung

Supposedly, I wanted to bring the family (my family, my kid bro & sis families & our parents) to a "cuti-cuti Mesia" treat during the end of 2009....but as many of you - my good friends - knew, things happened, terpaksa set aside, all my energy and money was just to set my business partnership, almost immediately...

...and when the package arrived we have been working hard to make it fly....

Alhamdulillah....miracle does happen, rezeki di tangan Allah, bukan bergantung pada PPA/ KPI ataupun orang atasan kita di sesebuah organisasi....they can play God, but when the time comes, they will have to answer....definitely!

.....finally LIVING MY LIFE 24x7, not being attached to any employer/ organization....and not reporting to bastards that would benefit everything from you contribution and give you the lowest possible rating available.

The kids have been enjoying each moment since we arrived...running around, playing with their cousins. The house is already like "tongkang pecah"...but hearing them laughing and playing all day long, are just priceless....

Tomorrow we will be in a simple resort in PD for two nights.....and at this point of time, where the actually bedtime is long due, the kids are still playing, still too excited to be back in kampung.....including the youngest one in the bunch (for now!) - Baby Zahra.

Actually, it is really a great deal, being able to do whatever you want to and get some moolahs enough to provide happy days for the family....but of course, an Audi would be great too...but not a major priority for now....no sir!

Now...it is time to enjoy a bit with the clan, whenever possible, dgn rezeki yg kedapatan....Alhamdulillah. It is no more "I want/wish"...it is now "I am"....I have a great family and I am living my life together with them....I don't just write tell-tale stories to cover-up for a disastrously farked-up family life like some idiotas has been living...Do you? :o)

So, my friends (and enemies - if you've been peeping on what I have been up to lately) , what have you been up to?

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