Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Chai

The works been quite demanding lately.

Not complaining, in fact I am totally happy.
Things seem to be moving in place, slowly but insya-Allah surely.

The challenge for me now (and indirectly for the whole family) is to really adapt to the new situation. The day seems very hectic to all, including Neena.

We have a couple of hours together in the afternoon, then maybe dinner (maybe - because sometimes we have late tea and we don't do dinner) and later at night it is homework time before calling for lights off around 930pm the latest. Engaged in a good night chat and in no time everybody will doze-off.

The day starts at 6am for everybody and the cycle re-commence.

I have more free time in the morning - despite being the driver for everybody! - but I wish the kids are around me....but hey, they are growing and they are already schooling (including Neena who now would complaint if I pick her up too early from the day care!) and starting to communicate more with the outside world.

I hope everything will be much better than it used to. Weekends are meant for the family - unless there are shooting contracts to be fulfilled. Holidays are important...and that is why we would want to spend the Gong xi Fa Chai break together, only the family!

May the year be more rewarding for all of us! InsyaAllah.
To all my Chinese friends - GONG XI FA CHAI!

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