Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Street Photography? Read and learn....wannabe glamboys!

The reason why I wrote this one was because I could not close my eyes at all and it has been almost 23 hours since I woke up....and simply because my buddy - Ian Ahmad of NSTP became quite upset with an article on a street photographer boy.

So, street photography suddenly became a hot topic (again) due to that article. This is really going out of control but anyway who cares....arts is freedom of expression - oh yeah boy, the thing that is not free would be the legal fee you may have to bear due to your artsy-fartsy mentality. The big bang of the whole fiasco was a couple of years back, when a dude openly claimed he was the founder of the country's street photography. Yowzer!!! How bold!! As like many other professional shooters and some well established lecturers on photography and related arts, I don't even care how much "MisterFounder" has already bagged in because as far as reality is concerned, they are open to many harms and what they don't know is they are making a mess to the public and the society!! ...and it is getting worse!!!

What is street photography? I am not going to write it all here, you can Google it and do your own research. What more important apart from knowing what it is all about, is to understand the boundaries and legalities, to respect the community, the subject you are capturing. To be a responsible photographer. In some outings (and forums) I have even shared about the subject, the key aspects and approach to make it easy and comprehensive for starters to try it out. Those who can still recall the outing with Che' Ahmad Azhar - one of the actual street outing done with many professionals including those from Reuters, EPA, AFP, NST, BH etc etc...CHAP AYAM (hahaa!!!) and of course yours truly's CHAPTERSimages - participants were informed on the do's and don'ts, the boundaries, how to plan the shooting path and sketch, "offensive vs defensive" approach....and many more....and it was all for the love of sharing knowledge - nobody made huge moolahs from it and everybody learned new "valid" stuff.

...but couple of months later, massive groupies were born, hooked a DSLR on their neck, went out to the streets, thought that they are doing something great that nobody has done before and started to became bigheaded to arrogantly declare - HEYYY!! WE ARE IT.
...much to the amusement of those who has been doing street photography for a couple of decades, of course!!
Mark this and never forget this at all - it is not at all about "busuk hati" or "dengki" on the "suck-cess-fool-ness" of that founder - that is his rezeki, berkat, halal or not, it is not for us to comment, just be it - what the real players are really concerned about is the sense of responsibilities, the ethics, the dangers they are exposed to...and they just take things lightly, ignoring some inputs by those who has faced some troubles while doing similar stuff for real....

You can do your own search to read the article and a learned reader would easily detect the inconsistency of statement and the vagueness of knowledge of this (*cough)street (*cough) shooter. For instance:
+ In a composition, the key ingredients are - the main subject, the background/foreground, the supporting elements. Of course it has to be connected. If it doesn't, maybe you went to the wrong "sifu" lah!!! How do you shoot "kata-kata"? You might be able to shoot "verbs" if you are trained as a photojournalist....understand what is a "verb"?
+ If you were not trained to anticipate the better call your sifu and ask for refund!!! It's like you reading a whole novel but what you understood is just the picture on the front page.....
+ Being ethical by smiling? Ethics is not just about smiling!!! It comes prior and past the shots done. Wait till one day a guy slaps your forehead for doing your street-arts stuff...then you try smiling at him, see how it goes.

You don't know you are putting yourself in a very dangerous position and all that - just for fun?

Daymm....I can really understand how tragic it was for Ian Ahmad (NSTP) and some other photojournalists and lecturers to read this!!!

I would encourage the newbies, starters, beginners to really do a thorough search on the subject that you want to learn and try. Find the person who has the real experience and knowledge, a qualified professional is a human being, it would not cost you RM300 per session of teh tarik or YM chat!!!

Acid test - so, you are a street photographer...pop quiz!!!
What is iN-PUBLiC?
Who is Henri Cartier-Bresson?
Name one of the widely exhibited work series by Trent Parke?

If you cannot answer those, you should realize that you are just wasting your time, dude.

Be a responsible photographer. Stop making a fool of yourself.
Slogans on those shirts that go like:
"Photography is not a crime"
"I am a photographer, not a terrorist"
"Shoot without fear"
- you wanna know what these words really mean?

To a burglar:

To any educated human:

The burglar easily identify his target.
The educated human starts to get conscious - lost of natural beings of potential subjects - and those who are really annoyed may just move away from the area - no subject to shoot.

Get it? NO?
Ok simple as this - you don't show your equipments in public. You don't tell people you are carrying stuff in that Crumpler of yours. It is dangerous.....and after you scoop your shot and you use it for other than the allowed arena by law, you will find your self in trouble.

Real street shooters around the world don't go out on the street like a porn-star dickhead. What more in a mob sporting glamor t-shirts.....and loads of equipments!! Some pro street shooter use single body & lens. Even point & shoot camera, with certain capabilities/functions..because (here's another free lesson for you) the presence of a huge DSLR (and a freaking idiot who's smiling and try to look cool behind it!) would just destroy the natural beings of the subjects.

Street photography is NOT 200% ABOUT YOU!!

Be aware of glamor-groupies and the glamor-hogs in FB or anywhere. It is ok to join them if you are just determined to do something in your free your time, spend some money and all, nothing wrong with that, it's your life BUT PLEASE try to be safe at all time and most importantly BE RESPONSIBLE TO YOUR SUBJECTS...and what you do with what you have scooped. for those who really want to do it serious rather than s to quick stardom, find a true professional who knows the subject and have years of experience and track record. Real professionals are always willing to share knowledge and open up opportunities for those you dare enough to approach and show your works to them. That's how I started my journey and I still have frequent discussions my mentors.

I wrote this because I could not stand anymore listening to my friends story about their family members being followed/ harassed by these bunch of people. So, if you don't like what I wrote, it's ok. I don't like your attitude in the first place anyway but I am just going to be polite and say - thank you very much, for wasting your time!! :o)

...but stop and think:
If one day you found a photo of your wife/fiance/girlfriend/YOUR MOM?? a certain position that "revealed her assets and whatever"
being caught by some street photographers and posted up/ viewed and shared by many....then you might know how damaging it has been all these while...and what are you doing about it now?

Hey...have a look around, who knows maybe there's a shot of you squatting and having a fag? Seriously....scout around.

So, next time when you see a bunch of people with DSLRS focusing on you, you should know your rights....already.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The time is mine

For the past couple of months, things have been moving quite fast. I had three trips to Labuan, one trip to Kota Kinabalu and then moved on to Kuching. Planning for more trips in 2011. Jobs have been coming in, despite the fact that I have not printed any business card yet!! Had a good holiday with the family, went up to Perak then down to Segamat for Hari Raya Haji, then up to Kuala Terengganu till Kota Bahru. Yeah, life have been fine. Alhamdulillah. How time really flies - a year has passed by since I left Petronas and I have never regretted my move at all. Alhamdulillah.

The "struggle" to make a living with my DSLR equipments continues. "Struggle" in this instance is defined as the effort and discipline I had to put in, not much to do with the difficulties of surviving or what. I have my plans and strategy, which mostly yet to be executed in full, some are not even being disclosed to my close family members - not that I don't trust them but I have learned my lesson well - ideas are best to be kept incubated within my own boundary, because some others may shamelessly take it up and claim all the glory for it.
The journey to continue living this "new life" I have decided to have is quite amazing and not entirely as easy as it seems. I have highs and lows which jot down in my life journal which I fondly name "The Book Of Torque: Chapter 1" which I have started writing since February 2008.
At times, I really expressed my feelings in the book, which helps a lot to release the pressure I am dealing with. Whatever I wrote in it, everything is based on my sincerity to speak out my mind and that once the pressure is off my system - instantly or gradually - I can focus on my other journals i.e. the book of ideas, the book of planning & execution....not merely about jotting down stuff but to make it work and reap the benefit from it.
I guess that is why I want to get my kids to write journals as early as possible, the ones they now have is about what they do during holidays and free time.
Documenting our life - expressing our mind in a journal, is something that not many would be able to do seriously for whatever reasons they have.
Me, I do it as and when I feel I need to do it, not everyday but enough to leave the memory of me and what I have in my mind over the years that I lived.

Nowadays, I tend to need more than 24 hours a day to do all the stuff that I have in mind. Now that I am on my own, I realized that I am more choosy to spend time with anybody else unless it is going to bring in some benefit to me, my family or my business. Which means that I don't alow MLM and the similar stuff to get in my way at all (Ahahaahaa!!!)....and TT sessions too, I don't want to sit down and talk with nothing to achieve at the end of the session. Even phone calls, I would very much prefer it to be short and direct to the point. I get pretty much annoyed when the person on the other end of the like asking me if I know him or not....sheeesh!!
Quick, short, precise, and move on. Time is precious. I will spend it the way I want and not the way others want it to be spent - like what it was back in the corporate I am in total control of my time and no freaking "policy" is there to be followed. I make my own policy, I am in total control. I am really enjoying this. Being in total control of my own time. My own more having to be in a meeting with their superiors at more stupid morning meeting with no result and more listening to smart asses who just have to speak out their stupid thoughts to impress the bosses in a name it. I really love to be free from all those stupid meetings, after 13 years, this one year of freedom really is a good break that I have long deserved!!

I would say the best part of being free to do whatever you want in your own time is you get to do your stuff at a period of time where you know you can perform the best. No pressure, just the joy of doing the stuff you like to do. Discipline is there, of course, otherwise you will get nowhere.
Only slaves have to complete their jobs at the given time and be there whenever wanted by their masters, that is not discipline - not to my definition at least!

No, I am not making fun of what others have to deal with - those who have to come to office by certain time and get things done within certain hours, then get a big fat salary by the end of the month, maybe big fat bonuses and promotion for being a good boy/ girl to the eyes of the management...and all that jazz about being a corporate, I am not making fun of what you all have to deal with but I am merely sharing my feeling of having the freedom to own 24 hours a day to my own self.

For the past 12 months, I have experienced how it is to really have my own 24hours a day. Alhamdulillah. I just love it!

Saturday, November 06, 2010


The only craze that I would want to have for ever - spending time with my kids & wife, my family.
....and since they are already capable of playing board games, it is part of the activity that I really look forward to do with them whenever we have the time to do so....of course there are priorities to oblige to....they are growing up and now is the time for me to mold them to become better persons than me. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Creating and destroying something without realizing anything

One of the huge, massive challenge I am facing in my journey to do my own business or build my presence in the professional photography world would be the time I have to do what I have to do. NOT talking about the long term basis but the daily basis, the mere 24 hours a day that we all have.

The discipline to manage and utilize the limited 24 hours a day is more stringent compared to when I was not doing it professionally. Each day means a lot. Each hour means a lot. Failure to make the most out of it means failure to proceed well in my journey.

So, talking about actual free time, being a self-employed dude, in total reality, I don't actually have much free time. Simply because all 24hours is mine and I have to make it work for me, myself and I. With that in mind, I have to be selective on how I want to spend the hours.
This may sound rude to many, but for me, I tend to think that any salary earner can do whatever they want and still get the salary at the end of the month. Thus, if the person just sits around and does nothing, the salary will still be there….but the performance rating and all is a different story, of course.
….I guess that's why I can see lotsa salary earners "roaming" the Facebook-land and all almost anytime of the day. They have nothing to lose. Of course, they'd still perform and get their performance rating managed well. Heheheh!!! True? True enough, I bet.

…but take a step back and think.

The hours spent, on company's expenses, and all you deliver could have just been done in 3-4hours of actual concentration. The rest, is about fire-fighting, planning and all that jazz. Nothing wrong, on the surface…but it is really ethical? You have to answer that on your own. Yup…you can say you are on your BB or iPhone or iPad and your own broadband access…but the time, that supposedly "belongs" to the company, is being "robbed", for your own well….urhhmm…networking time. (ok, to be precise - ENTERTAINMENT time lah!!!)
So, it is totally different, as a self-employed person. I can be on "entertainment" mode every hours and get nothing….or I can be on "work+entertainment" mode and get some molars… choice, and the hours are mine, not for my employer.

Keyword - robbing the hours that you are being asked to do work for the employer.

I guess that's why I cannot see some "management" level on Fb as much as they used to be when they were just "machai". They have to be "professional" more than they used to, perhaps!!
Nothing is wrong with that. It's a free world. Do whatever you want to, you have all the argument to say you are doing the right things. Good for you.
…but not entirely as good for your employer, I bet!!!

The world is becoming a borderless piece of interactive room - thanks to the devices and technology advancement we have now.
In the same instance, we tend to forget that we are really living a life. Actual interaction. Actual conversation. Actual sex, for the sake of argument!!!!
Spending more time on the "social platform" seems to make us in contact with more people than we actual do in real life. There are goods to that…as much as the bad part of it.

Real relationship, that has been built for many years, can crumble to earth with just the access of time spent on the social platform.
I bet you have heard, read or even experience such issue.
Don't get me wrong, I love spending time on-line and write, post up stuff for my business and all, chat with fellow photographers and friends...BUT I totally remain focus on making something out of the interaction.
I don't spend time to create an affair, fling, scandals, to get connected to girls or what.
Some people, they do that...oh yes...even without them realizing it.

Like it or not, we want ATTENTION.
When there are others giving us that attention we have been craving for, we'll tend to get connected and somehow, sooner or later, attached to is easy to get attached, manusia sekarang ayat power-power beb...muka hensem skit, senang jer ayat anak orang, gepren orang, awex orang, bini orang, janda orang. Manusia lakhanat la tu.
Then, the ugly story starts to plot.
What may have started off as "business intent" will turn into another scenario.
If it goes out of control….BOOM! Good-bye everything. To put it simple.
….and years of happiness will be at a junction. You decide which turn to take.

My point is - we have to live the real life we have. Not the fantasy life we "wished for" or we have always want to have.
Make use of the facilities, technology or whatchamacallit to make good things for you and your loved ones. Not otherwise. Focus on your life. Not on other people's life. Not ever. Never cross the line. You may think you are doing something good for the other person at the end of the line….but is it doing any good for their spouse/ family in real life?

Therefore, if you have a wife or family, think about this.
Old high-school buddies, friends, lovers and all, be aware of them. They will create trouble at the time you least expected. You may found out that most of them are cowards. No balls….but you may already be too late to do anything. So, be alert. Be truthful. Life the real life you have. Deal with what you have on your agenda. Don't bother to help others if you cannot even help your self to provide the basics for your own family.

No, you may not agree to what I have written. I am just telling and saying what my heart wants to say. That's all. I live ONLY my real life. I am happy with it.

What you have, may be all the one that matters. If you don't appreciate it, others may. You'll be the one to lament about it before you know. So, take charge. Be aware. Deal with it……before other irresponsible idiots start to meddle your turf.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Moving on and on and on.....

Working on improving the looks of my profile write-up.....

Friday, October 15, 2010


After solat Jumaat last week, I had a humbling moment...and I want to share it with all, especially my kids and wife and my family.......

If there's ever a prayer that I never for about a decade, it would be the solat sunat after Jumaat, and on that Jumaat, I spent some time after the prayer for some doa, thinking and reflecting....and then I stood and walked out of the praying area. I saw a pakcik with a tongkat walking towards the restroom area. He stopped as he reached the set of stair, put his tongkat down and tried to go down the small steps with his arms leaning hard against the wall in his effort to avoid from falling.

I was quite astounded by the effort of this old man...but I could not just stand and admire his effort so I helped him to get down the stairs and handed his tongkat and helped him to walk across to the restroom area.

Then came Pakcik Wahab (the famous Wahab Cendol owner lah) who gave the pakcik an amount of cash. (I can understand why....because I observed that Pakcik Wahab will need the assistance of his sons to climb up his driver seat of his van every time after prayer.)

The pakcik thanked me.....but I was worried that he would fall down or what, when I asked him if he's ok, he said he's fine, no problem, no worries, thank you.

I left the mosque with questions in my head....

I am blessed with lotsa good things in life.....and one of it would be having good parents. My Abah is still able to walk on his own. So is my Mak.
The incident with the pakcik made me questioned myself:
- would I be there when Abah or Mak or my parents in-law need assistance like that pakcik?
- would there be a person to assist them if I am not there with them?
- would my wife and/ or children still care for me when I reach that age and situation (if ever)?
- would there be a person to assist me when I reach that age and situation (if ever)?
.....being able to walk easily is something too natural for me (and many of us)...and I tend to forget that one day, it is possible that I would face some difficulty to walk - as age adds on to my life.

....and it made me think, time will still fly as we are busy living or working or doing whatever it takes day-in day-out until that moment came for us to realize that we have spent so many years living....and here we are, at that point of time in the future, realizing that we have missed something or lost something along those years..and perhaps,regretting it.

Appreciating the small little details of blessings from Allah is probably something that I have took for granted. Thank you to that pakcik (and Alhamdulillah, thank you ALLAH) for that moment that made me realized about being more thankful of what I have been blessed with.

...and I might have been too demanding to my kids & wife.
I sensed that it is quite an effort for me to ask for a hug and kisses from them nowadays.
I must learn to accept that being hugged is not something that I can ask anymore, it is something that they should be willing to do....but nevertheless I would always hug and kiss them whenever they are in need of one. Maybe one day they will meet a pakcik like I did last Friday.


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Harga sebuah BMW as far as Aliya Irdina is concerned!!! :o)

I have many things to write. In this blog. In my personal journal.
I have many observations to share, questions to ask, ideas to bounce...
...but I have 24 hours in a day. Same like everybody else. I have always questioned myself if I have improved on utilizing the only 24 hours I have in a day....and I cannot give an accurate answer to that. I can only evaluate the path I have taken....the effort and investment I have done vs the amount of RM I have accumulated to keep my family afloat. Alhamdulillah. I don't want to tell some of the details of the story here. I only share it with some privileged few......

I learned my lessons and I still have 24 hours a when people say I have lotsa free time, I can only say - they are not appreciating the 24 hours they have as much as I do!

After every tiring (and successful, Alhamdulillah) trip/ job - returning back to the family is a great blessing. Small celebration is always in place. Nothing fancy. The important thing is to show them how much I have missed them and I still love them as much as I did before I left for the trip/ job...and even more than that...

Reached Sunway Tower from Labuan at around 2pm today. My lovely wife joined me for lunch. She had a funny story with Aliya@Neena this morning:

N: Mama, nanti Mama belikan BWM untuk Neena eh...
W: BMW? Kenapa?
N: Cantik lah kereta tu....
W: Neena pernah naik BMW ke?
N: Tak. Neena pernah naik Exora aje.
W: Habis tu kenapa nak beli BMW? Berapa harga BMW tu?
N: Alaaa...tujuh ringgit seposen aje....Mama belikan eh?
W:(Giggles) Wahhhh murahnya....kalau macam tu 100 pun Mama boleh belikan!!!

.....Hahahaahaha!!! :o)

.....siap la petang nanti...apa nak menjawab kalau Neena tuntut BMW dia!!!!

Whatever other people is biatching and complaining about, whatever others are assuming about you, just make sure that as far as you are concerned - LIFE IS GOOD. ALHAMDULILLAH.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Things I have to cope with due to the society's fondness of Celebrating Hari Raya The Melayu way

The title might sound like I am an anti-social dude or something. Well, I am not. I am just sick and tired of watching, observing, experiencing the celebrations around me, donned by too many as part of the religion where as it is more like absorbing pagan rituals into what should have be a clear and simple religion.
...too many idiots around for so many years, in the end some of these "activities" have become part of what was (and should always be) a meaningful but humble celebration.

So, to keep me reminded on these "activities" I have decided to write it down and share it with whoever would want to read this blog. Your views are welcome, even if you disagree but please put some valid points - not merely trying to slash my statements with sarcastic or idiotic remarks! That would just state the obvious - you're born to be an idiot!!
Ok, here we no particular order..

"Malam Tujuh Likur"
Some smart-arses actually defined it as "malam malaikat landing". Pandai...pandai nak mampos.
There is no such requirement to put it as part of the celebration. Above all, it is just a culture that have been practiced by generations and generations of Melayu (not Muslims) and the focus of it would be to light up the village areas, the houses with "pelita" which some may profusely linked this to Hinduism but the famous argument is the "pelita" was used to light the path to the surau for the jemaah to perform maghrib & isya prayers and then continue with tarawikh prayers (and maybe late night/ early morning prayer or qiamul-lail).
BUT!!!! The focus of the majority was (and is) about firecrackers, loitering around, talking, spending long hours of preparing raya cakes and decors....
....and not really about properly spending more time to appreciate the final week of Ramadhan.
So, personally if anybody comes to me and talk about Tujuh Likur, I am sure it is about meriam buluh, mercun and the kids stuff that have been embedded by too many for too long already....and for an adult to do all these, it would be such a waste of time.

So, Malam Tujuh Likur is kinda not supposed to be in the actual Muslim way of celebrating the end of ramadhan...sibuk sangat nak jadi Melayu sejati ke nak jadi Muslim Melayu?

You decide....not me.

On the final stretch of the Ramadhan, maybe we'd be busy baking cakes or decorating the house for the celebration. The main focus of appreciating the final week/ days of Ramadhan are still there of course...look around in the world of Facebook, may voiced out how they'd miss Ramadhan etc etc...hopefully the intentions are pure and true lah!
Pasar Ramadhan? The final week would be where the profits would surge to the max, perhaps? Everybody would be too busy to cook for ifthar - busy shopping etc etc - buying from PARAM/ BARAM (bodohnya bunyi, buruk siut korang panggil pasar Ramadhan nama mcm tu!) would be the best option.
...and good thing the people who are selling at the Pasar Ramadhan are ready to perform maghrib - isya - tarawih on location. They sell their kuehs and all but yet they never miss the prayers....(ada betul kaa?)

...then on the morning on 1st Syawal...we'd be busy preparing for the solat sunat Eidulfitri....sulat Subuh camana pulak? Then kalau kena solat Jumaat pulak....camana? :o)

Lepas solat...ziarah. Macam-macam la aktiviti kekeluargaan, kemasyarakatan dan sebagainya yg akan berlangsung. Ziarah rumah sanak saudara, rakan taulan dan sebagainya....

Behind all that, many would as forgiveness from each others....salam....yes salam, tanpa mengira batasan aurat to a certain extent. Bagi duit raya - tanpa memahami apa tuntutan dan tujuan sebenarnya, lantas bersandarkan kepada niat with parents driving Al-Fart get more than kids with the dire need to have decent school attire....sedekah yg bertepatan dgn tujuan atau semata atas tekanan masyarakat dan trend semasa?

Frankly, I only give my anak-anak saudara the sama-rata amount. Beyond that circle, I don't. Sorry, I am not kedekut....but I know there are more deserving kids out there that needs the money more than us easily flaunting the kad duit raya to every kids that come to our place...unless the kids' parents are poor...but are they poor if they do not even finish the drink you poured for them and wasted a couple of kuih raya & dishes for that mere 20-30minutes of being there?

Rezeki tu..macam itu ke kita didik anak2 kita...tak perlu habiskan hidangan yg orang beri?

...and frankly, I really dislike kids who just came for the duit raya. I openly scolded my kids if they start to go overboard asking for duit raya from others together with te bunch of kids around them....yes, your father is not a billionaire but you are my kids and I don't want you to become accustomed to the like the sickening attitudes of some kids of some parents in our overly-confused society....ok Alisya, Naufal, Aliya?

....and of course the ritual of comparing the achievements...what car you are driving, what condo you are living in, berapa juta dah harta kau....I went back to kampung driving the most berkarat of our car - the old rustic Wira. Tak polish hapah pun...but it took us everywhere.

...and you know what's the most sickening thing I had to cope up during this festivities?
The rituals of mintak ampun & maaf from others....yg tak bertempat & tak berpatutan.
Especially those of ex-girfriends/ boyfriends/ old flames.
It is over so why sibuk2 nak htr mms/sms/call ke hapa punyer haramjadah to other people's wifes/husbands? Korang ni nama ajer Islam ke? Bodoh...tak belajar agama ke?

Orang berlumba-lumba buat OPENHOUSE.....dah betul ke cara, niat & tujuan sebenar?
Tanya and jawab sendirilah....
I already have a steady list of friends whom I know would come and visit me & my family regardless I serve what food, how poor I am or how filthy rich I am.....and for that, I feel blessed. Alhamdulillah. There are those who has been always giving excuses but I never hated them, I have to accept that I am not in the priority list of others that are more important to them. I salute them for that, they know their priorities, as I also know well my priotities.

Anyway, it is up to you all to think about it. I am not spreading hate over the religion's required way of celebration...I merely state the things we have conveniently overlooked while celebrating the arrival of Syawal.

Let's continue being real Muslims....not merely Malays.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

...nice Nike

.....yeah..Neena's new shoes.

Note: Mobile upload. Shots done on Nokia E5-00 @ Mystic.

Red lah..

Really Red lah!!

Note: Mobile upload. Shots done on Nokia E5-00 @ Mystic.


Painting the city red.

Note: Mobile upload. Shots done on Nokia E5-00 @ Mystic.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

So how many hours do we have with the kids/family?

It's about 3am, I cannot sleep well, can feel the temperature rising inside.
With a mug of KapalApi coffee, let's try to jot something that I have wanted to jot all week long.
No intention to make anybody feel bad or what. Just a thought. A reflection for all of us.

We have 24 hours a day. Most of us work and that means at least 8 hours a day gone.
Owhhh darn it!!!......we now have Blackberry & whatchamacallitITshite that would allow 24x7 access to everybody in the do we count that in this case, we work 24x7 whole year long??!!!

Let's just assume the "Blackberry & whatchamacallitITshite that would allow 24x7 access to everybody in the world" are just for status & fashion statement lah....just for show because kalau tak pakai tak class lah pulak...tapi kalau ada pun tak bermakna kena kerja 24x7 ye tak? :o)

So. we'll make that working hours to about 10hours a day, to be very generous on the traveling time to and fro, the lunch/ tea time with the office bunch...and extra hours to cover up the smoking + mengular time whenever applicable....

Normally we'll sleep for about..what..let's say, 6 hours.
About 1 hour of prayers time in a day - 5 waktu & solat2 sunat "meeting the requirement" only (...of course this allocation of time is only for Muslims/ Muslimah who pray lah!)
Allow another 1 hours for bathing and nature's call in the morning and evening.
Another 2 hours for TV or Internet time after office hours (yeah...let's not talk about the hours online spent in the office....)

Total that up....10 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 20.
20 hours in total.

In a day we have 24 hours (DUH!)...which leaves us about 4 hours of family time in a day - normal working day, perhaps.

So, in 5 working days we have about 20 hours to spend with our kids/ family.
That's about 16% of the total 120 hours in 5 days (24x5 = 120)

Let's be more generous, we have 2 days break.
Each day, maybe we 'll do 8 hours of sleep.
..same allocation of 1 hour of prayers time in a day (...of course this allocation of time is only for Muslims/ Muslimah who pray lah!)
About 1 hour of hygiene time a day (bathe+do-the-loo)
About...say...3 hours of personal time (internet laa, reading laa hobby etc. etc.)

Owhh....golfers...hrmmm 5 hours on the field, mid-way hut drinks, locker room chat, lunch & more drinks after that...ahh malas lah nak kira for golfers!!! Get the caddy to do it for you lah!!!

Back to the weekend maths...

8 + 1 + 1 +, that should be about 13 hours a day...which means we have about 11 hours for family time. So for the two day weekend, we have 22 hours for the kids/family out of 48 hours given. 45%. Not bad at all.

Total the whole 7 days: 22 + 20 = 42 hours of kids/family time....out of 168 hours.

Generally, we spend about 30% of our time for the company in a week.
Generally, we spend about 27% of our time for a good rest in a week (membuta dalam meeting room/ office not included!!!).
Generally, we spend about 25% of our time with the kids/family in a week.
Generally, we spend about 10% of our time to be online in a week (teeheheheh..yeah right!!!)
Generally, we spend about 4% of our time to bathe+do-the-doo-doo in a week.
Generally, we spend about 4% of our time to pray.

I am sure we give 200% to each of the items mentioned.....especially the 25% time for the kids/family.....we would not substitute money for the quality time we'd spend with them...right?
Now sincere!!! :o)

We spend about the same time of praying and being in the bathroom (itupun kalau sembahyang lah....well maybe a bit more but not even 10% in total...)

We spend a fraction more time for the company than for the kids/family...tak kira lagi dinner lah, training lah workshops lah meeting after office hours lah....and the actual "body, mind & soul" presence - kalau tak, apasal bawak balik laptop company every night + weekends?? (Kalau setakat nak ber FB/ Blogging etc. on company asset juga....hmmm!)

I am not going to say much....just look at the numbers and figure it out.
Of course, we have holidays and all....which should be more or less like a weekend percentage mentioned above....but..well, draw your own conclusion!


NOTE: The calculation might not be right.....but you are smarter than me, so, you get the idea, now just do it and conclude! :o)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This is what I think....

Fuel price is up again. Same old story, minus the street demonstrations and massive gatherings...would be nice to have those again!!! :o)
Oh well, enough already. We all know it will be reduced - the subsidies - so get ready to absorb it back. If you cannot afford the fuel, then why are you driving that car you have?
Lining up at the petrol station to get a full tank of the price before it increases the next day is really unnecessary...unless if you are truly stupid and still insist it is a ritual you'd want to do every time the fuel price hikes!
Oh..and you thought the gas price was not going to be affected?

Too bad....but hey come on, if you drive a Beamer, would you attach it with NGV tank?
Oh please!! You must be wearing a fake Tag Heuer on your wrist then!!!

Can't you see we already have too many expensive vehicles with NGV tanks? Orang Kaya yang miskin or Orang Miskin yg Kaya? Or maybe Orang Bodoh yg suka berlagak Pandai & Kaya?

Not that I care much about gas sales, no I don't but well, if you still cannot afford the fuel for your car and have to install NGV to it, better think deep and make a proper decision....of course it goes without saying if the Toyoltah Al-Fart or EstiMak, Hon-Duh Strim, or whatever fancy car you have are part of the deal for "allowing" a project to proceed....definitely your money will never be enough.....NEVER. Partly because it is haram...partly because you are always tamak for totality, is about what you want and how you're getting it.

My point is simple - kalau nak berlagak kaya pun, considerlah punca rezeki tersebut.
Bukan kita tak tahu bersepah yg konon kaya tapi punca rezeki dgn menindas orang lain & mengenepikan untutan agama Islam yg kononnya mereka anuti....sendiri fikir lah...sebab tu ramai yg memekak bila harga naik la itu ini...hakikatnya - gaya hidup melebihi kemampuan pendapatan.....sampai yg haram pun jadi halal sebab nak maintain style...biar papa asal bergaya...kan?

So, biar masuk nereka pun tak apa, asalkan bergaya....macam tu???

So...still mahu halalkan yang haram?
Bak kata Ustaz Ismail Kamus - Susah nak cakap....jadilah - HALAM??

Let's borak a bit on that title - menghalalkan yang haram.
We have been to accustomed or tuned-in to the things we are doing that we fail to realize some of it is not really in parallel to the teachings in Islam....and yet we still claim we are Muslims, well at least during Ramadhan we don't want to be caught not fasting...some even wear tudung for the sake of Ramadhan (only? Teheheh!!!)....ok let's start with my ramblings...

a) Tudung.
NOTE: Those who refuses to wear for whatever reason (including the likes of "aku sembahyang full siap bangun malam sembahyang lagi") just spare your argument with Allah when your time comes.

So, now we have so many options of tudung in the market. I don't know what to name here but I guess as a Muslimah or a Muslim too (perhaps) you do know there are may styles of tudung now. Good to have choices perhaps...but does it really fit the purpose of a tudung as required by Islam?

Mengaku ajer lah...mostly NO.

Tersingkat sana, terdedah sini, terbojol sana, terjebih sini, dah tu yg dgn sanggul macam bonjol unta lagi....buruk nak mampus...but I guess the trend of "busana muslim" now is like the conventional fashion world too - the uglier is the prettier?

Wake up already!!! As a Muslim, we are supposed to take care of our aurah (thus why I don't wear rugby shorts in public!!)...and the label "busana muslim" does not mean it concur to the given guideline of Islam.

So, siapa nak menjawab?

Sendiri pakai, jawab la sendiri....kalau yg dah ber suami pulak, dgn suami sekali laa menjawab jugak...tak tegur sebab itu dah dresscode yg professional? Oh how more professional can one be other than being truly professional to his/ her own creator?

Haaa lantak lak korang....I have done my part, good luck lah nanti! :o)

b) Pakaian - top/ bottom
Even with a proper tudung, the blouse & trousers would still be questionable whether it fits the requirements of Islam...heck even the jubah being sold now pun are quite questionable....ketat tak menentu kat bahagian tertentu, too revealing compared to wearing a blouse infact.

Seluar/ pallazo or whatever...I bet many realized, ada yang terlalu sendat dan ketat, siap orang boleh trace the panty lines....jadah hapa bertudung kalau macam tu kan?

Bangga sangat ke orang sekarang ni tunjuk bodyshape kat public? Termasuklah lelaki - kemeja kerja sampai terbojol biji tetek....mesti mau tunjuk ke yg kau pergi gym 40 jam sehari dgn gym partners kau yg some mmg jenis gaylakhanat tu?
Adeihhh....jantan apa skrg ni ramai mcm pondan dah???

Again...kalau kau tu suami & isteri kau macam tu...boleh la refer at mana-mana Ustaz tanya pasal apa itu dayus. Modern & professional sangatlah kita ingat...padahal dah jatuh bab dayus tak mau ambik tahu lagi tu....

c) Wangian (Perfume laaa)
Perfume mesti branded....tak main la perfume celup kan? Paling tidak pun BRANDED CELUP pun boleh laaa...nak meang jugak tapi tak cukup duit nak bayar credit card yg dah max tu nanti....maklum lah professional, yuppy.

Bau dia punya cerita....sebatu lagi orang dah terbau.

Of course, consultant will sell the same shit la - it will boost your confidence & presentability.
Sampai bila nak ikut cakap consultant yg telan duit for selling stupid craps tu? Apasal haram plak kan pakai Ferragamo, Hermes etc etc utk solat? Presentable aperr wangi & branded?

Kat akhirat nanti sure presentable giler eh...sempat aaa nak tuang Channel No5 1liter sebelum mengadap Allah nanti kut?

(Owh...kalau korang tu jenis tak solat tak boleh cakap apa lah kan.....nak tegur tak boleh lah sebab semua lagi pandai drpd ustaz/ustazah yg khatam berapa banyak kitab Fiqh...mana tak pandai, Quran pun baca in English sahaja....)

Those are just what I think...based on my limited knowledge in Fiqh, the concerns are valid.
Tak caya, pergilah tanya ustaz/ ustazah...or the least, try tgk Ustaz Zahirudin punyer site.

Semua orang claim Muslim/ Muslimah sambut Ramadhan & Eidul Fitri.....but for once in our life, try to be a REAL MUSLIM/MUSLIMAH....I am doing a small part as a Muslim here...nak tegur sorang2 tak laa mampu, tulis jer dalam blog....nak accept, Alhamdulillah, tak nak accept, antara kamu dgn Allah lah nanti....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekday Routine?

Wake up.
Get the twins to bathe & be in their school uniforms.
Solat Subuh with Wifey.
Wifey prepares breakfast & packed lunch for the kids.
Send the kids to school.

Back from sending kids.
Check/ respond to e-mails & Facebook messages.
Check schedules, pack stuff according to schedule of the day.
Send Neena to kindergarten.
Send wife to office.
Attend schedules of the day.

Mid day break - grocery shopping etc.
Fetch the twins, chat with the twins.
Do laundry, clean the rooms & living area.
Editing works or whatever needs to be done while the kids do their homework.
Prepare dinner.
Get the twins to prepare their bags for the next day.
Fetch wife, chat with wife.
Fetch Neena, chat with Neena.

Maghrib with wife.
Family time - chat, play games, draw, watch TV, call family in Sarawak/ Johor etc.
Isya' with wife.
Bed time for kids.
Reading/ chat time with wife.

Prepare for the next day's schedule - equipment check if needs be...etc etc.
Blog, write, sketch, research.

Wake up for extra Solat.

Repeat., you think you are busy?
I am....but I still can afford to find time to spare, if I want to. :o)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vader meets a friend

~ on Symbian mobile device

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hidup semula buat ke X kali

.....this almost stolen, then stolen, lost & found pile of steel comes with long history & story. It is not my first Audi...but it is my wheels, not an attention grabber but a reliable buddy, for more than a decade already.
I don't mind not having my first Audi, yet...not until the cash is ready...
For now the priority is not for fancy never has, and never will!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breakfast date

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Friday, July 09, 2010

1972.07.09 - 2010.07.09 - xxxx.xx.xx

For the past many years I have been writing this blog, I seldom write much about the person whom I have loved with all my heart, all my life. Most of my entries is about our children (and my grumblings, complaining, et cetera, et cetera et cetera...)
...but deep in my heart, that special person has always been my source of inspiration, my energy provider, my soul. I can never find the words that would be able to describe how I feel for her...but with what ever words I can use, I can never be convinced by my own self that I have I have told her enough about my feelings for her.

Whatever it is, she's the only one that I could ever love with all my heart and soul, for eternity.
She has done a lot for me. For our children.
I could never imagine living my life without her by my side.

Sayang, the only gift I would ever ask for all my birthdays, is to always be with you and our children.

Siti Hajar
Alisya Irdina
Naufal Irsyad
Aliya Irdina
A-liya Japanese, it means flower ✿

For as long as I am still able to say it, I would always say it....
Abang sayang Hajar.
Ayah sayang Alisya.
Ayah sayang Naufal.
Ayah sayang Aliya.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


....for dinner, once in a while. Yummy.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Short sentences

Frankly, too many things are loitering in my head this past few weeks....I am simply amazed I am still breathing and trying hard to swallow the stuffs being thrown at me......

2010-05-21 (21 May 2010) Friday. CHAPTERSimages 001953537-W.
The Republik no more. Tres Foto no more.

Trust no more.

Since then, is has been whirlpool of dizziness.
Confusion, failures albeit joyful achievements.

At the lowest part of life, learn and accept there shall be:
No support. Only criticism, blame, construction of void and distance, gaping more and more with no apparent reasons.
Failing is worse than dying a slow death.

Success means none of the above.
...but never forgive. Just forget.

It's a different day. From now.
Silent scream in a deafening serenity.

i am still around, please allow me to be.
i shall not overstay my welcome, i'll go on that day.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

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