Friday, December 04, 2009

Ta-taaa Petronas!!

My baby Aliya Irdina playing at the KLCC Park. Waving goodbye, with the washed-out background of the PTT...intentionally...because my baby is much more better looking than the PTT! ;o)

The past couple of weeks been fun & rewarding. The past couple of days been more rewarding - since we got out first payment for professional service....and more to come insyaAllah.

Laughing and having fun with my babies, and playing with my cameras (and get paid while at it)....and laughing all the way to the bank with my partners, InsyaAllah.

Just 2 entries below, I mentioned about not receiving the salary & package to that date..and now, I can lepak SFCoffee for breakfast everyday if I want to...but no, why should I? :o)
....ALHAMDULILLAH. Murahkanlah & berkatilah rezeki kami semua Ya-Allah!
Doa orang yg teraniaya....

Ta-taaa Petronas!! Good luck ajer lah in the Global Championship (now that I am out here it sounds like some sort of tournament la plak!! Ada mau shooters for that specific "championship" kah? We'll give good rates - at global champion punyer level lah....but our cameras cannot shoot some of your staff cuz they are not worth to be shot except by a glock! Whahahahaha!!!)

MasyaAllah!! I am a happy dude!!!!!!

Recent conversation as we were sending Mama to her office:
Aliya: Mama look, KLCC Mama...
Me: Pandai baby Ayah, tapi Ayah tak jerja KLCC, no more work with Petronas, Ayah kerja apa sekarang?
Aliya: Ayah....Ayah is a photojournalist!
Mama: *chuckles
Me: Apa nama company Ayah?
Aliya:, TresFoto!
Me: Good girl....(*pats her head)
...yeah, for the past couple of weeks since I left the towers, I have trained my kids to tell people that I am a photojournalist and my company is TresFoto.

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