Sunday, December 20, 2009

Colorful beads

Caught using a Panasonic Lumix Lx3 on full manual mode on Leica DC Vario-Summicron 1:2.0-2.8/ 5.1-12.8 ASPH (35mm equiv.: 24-60mm).
The Lx3 is my recent "walkabout point & shoot camera" which I shall carry everyday & everywhere! ☺
Beedn wanting to have a decent and reliabe P&S camera ever since the P5000 was lost. The choice was tough - G10 (or G11) and Lx3 are top of the the last moment, the options are open. The deciding factor was simply the superbrandnew condition of the Lx3 (just a month old with 3 yrs warranty) and a vision in my dream couple of hours before the deal!

Anyway, it is a photographers camera and very similar to the Leica in the same class as it is. Shutter-lag is almost none, the colors are superb, handling is great, the built is tough. The price is below the market and warranty is more than I could bargain for.
So, am happy with it lah!

Why not a Leica?
That one will come from the business I am doing now, pure photography money.

Sometimes people gets overly tangled up with devices (or gadgets) to do stuff and they forget that what matters most would be the result or the outcome and the purpose of it.
In my case, some people who does not really knows me well tends to label me as a gadget guy - especially related to PDAs or mobile phones. Totally untrue because waaaaaaaaayyy back when PDAs are only in monochrome screens I have been keen to learn about these devices (my first was IBM WorkPad C3) and I spent my money of those devices where majority of other workers around me are still in the mindset of "those are just techy-toys".

I never change what I have just to have the next new available production - I only change when I know the platform has evolved enough so that I can benefit from the change and/ or I just somehow "outgrew" the performance of the equipment in have in my hands.

As a comparison - others may have to (or just simply must!) change their smartphones every year but my last smartphone lasted 6 years....and I don't think I am going to need to change my Nokia E71 in the next couple of years....but just maybe, I might get another E71 for my other business line! ☺

Come to think of it, all of my cars are more than 10 years old!!

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