Friday, December 25, 2009

Aliya Irdina's pet KingKong..... the new place he calls "office".

The deal:
+ No "early morning rush to be in before the stated time line (otherwise you'll get it during the appraisal time!)" required.
+ No "you must wear a neck-tie" required.
+ No "office trousers & long sleeve shirts" required.
+ No "formal & shiny black shoe" required.
+ No "ridiculously expensive parking fee" required.
+ No "wear it all the time staff identity card" required.
+ No "listening to sickening small talks in the lifts to reach the sky-high office space" required.
+ No "smiles, appreciations, greetings and laughing at stupid jokes to make the boss & idiots on the floor feel good" required.
+ No "listening to idiots trying hard converse with some other bastardos on his/her otherwise underutilized Black-fcuking-berry" required (Wei poyo! No signal how can talk to the person on the other end laa? Pandai sangat!!!!
+ No "abide-the-stewpeed-mutha-HRM-policies" required.
+ No "meeting & discussion with no final outcome but just to make some mutha-f-ers look busy & important" required.
+ No "dealing with stewpeed idiots who never actually do real work but know how to make you suffer because he/she has good relationship with the higher position monkeys" required.
+ No "fulfilling the stupid & almost non-business related requests of people who thinks they own the country just because their dog-tag carries the logo of an oil drop design" is required.
+ No "writing the appraisal and dealing it with the boss & the higher position monkeys and beyond just to end up getting the fatal drop-kick in the final rating" required.
+ No "corridor conversation on what the number of months of the fcuking bonus are we getting for the kinda shit we have to deal with this year" required.
+ No "ear-aching conversation on how-am-I-going-to-spend-my-fcuking-money by those who are gonna get a big fat fcuking bonus & merits for caressing the bosses balls, asking stupid but oh-this-will-make-me-look-so-involved-and-oh-so-important questions during meetings when higher position monkeys are around, busy directing others during an event especially when higher position monkeys are walking by & gossiping on the phone all year long..while face-fcuking-booking & Yahoo!-fcuking-messaging on the otherwise underutilized Black-fcuking-berry" required.

.....oh I can do this all day long man.....but...the best deal is:

+ No "back-stabbing-low-life-cowardly-animals who knows how to fondle well the balls & butts of the higher position monkeys, parading around and claiming glory built by the sweat & commitment of other person who used to be called a friend, who in the end gets the fatal drop-kick passing through the rugby post @ PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS (and some moolahs just enough to survive a year without having to starve)"....all are forgiven, but never forgotten.

So what is required to be in this place where Aliya Irdina's pet KingKong calls "office"

Simple....only a big heart filled with fun and dedication, to play and get paid for living a decent & honest life...insyaAllah.

So, WELCOME, to wherever you are.

Woohooo!! I just love being a part of The REpublik Studios @ TRESfoto.

NOTE: The intention is not to make others feel bad but just stating the obvious, definite.
So, if anybody felt bad after reading the words above, too's your bad, not mine!

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