Friday, December 25, 2009

Aliya Irdina's pet KingKong..... the new place he calls "office".

The deal:
+ No "early morning rush to be in before the stated time line (otherwise you'll get it during the appraisal time!)" required.
+ No "you must wear a neck-tie" required.
+ No "office trousers & long sleeve shirts" required.
+ No "formal & shiny black shoe" required.
+ No "ridiculously expensive parking fee" required.
+ No "wear it all the time staff identity card" required.
+ No "listening to sickening small talks in the lifts to reach the sky-high office space" required.
+ No "smiles, appreciations, greetings and laughing at stupid jokes to make the boss & idiots on the floor feel good" required.
+ No "listening to idiots trying hard converse with some other bastardos on his/her otherwise underutilized Black-fcuking-berry" required (Wei poyo! No signal how can talk to the person on the other end laa? Pandai sangat!!!!
+ No "abide-the-stewpeed-mutha-HRM-policies" required.
+ No "meeting & discussion with no final outcome but just to make some mutha-f-ers look busy & important" required.
+ No "dealing with stewpeed idiots who never actually do real work but know how to make you suffer because he/she has good relationship with the higher position monkeys" required.
+ No "fulfilling the stupid & almost non-business related requests of people who thinks they own the country just because their dog-tag carries the logo of an oil drop design" is required.
+ No "writing the appraisal and dealing it with the boss & the higher position monkeys and beyond just to end up getting the fatal drop-kick in the final rating" required.
+ No "corridor conversation on what the number of months of the fcuking bonus are we getting for the kinda shit we have to deal with this year" required.
+ No "ear-aching conversation on how-am-I-going-to-spend-my-fcuking-money by those who are gonna get a big fat fcuking bonus & merits for caressing the bosses balls, asking stupid but oh-this-will-make-me-look-so-involved-and-oh-so-important questions during meetings when higher position monkeys are around, busy directing others during an event especially when higher position monkeys are walking by & gossiping on the phone all year long..while face-fcuking-booking & Yahoo!-fcuking-messaging on the otherwise underutilized Black-fcuking-berry" required.

.....oh I can do this all day long man.....but...the best deal is:

+ No "back-stabbing-low-life-cowardly-animals who knows how to fondle well the balls & butts of the higher position monkeys, parading around and claiming glory built by the sweat & commitment of other person who used to be called a friend, who in the end gets the fatal drop-kick passing through the rugby post @ PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS (and some moolahs just enough to survive a year without having to starve)"....all are forgiven, but never forgotten.

So what is required to be in this place where Aliya Irdina's pet KingKong calls "office"

Simple....only a big heart filled with fun and dedication, to play and get paid for living a decent & honest life...insyaAllah.

So, WELCOME, to wherever you are.

Woohooo!! I just love being a part of The REpublik Studios @ TRESfoto.

NOTE: The intention is not to make others feel bad but just stating the obvious, definite.
So, if anybody felt bad after reading the words above, too's your bad, not mine!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taking a Break wonder the image looks kinda weird, apparently the LX3 was on 16:9 Aspect Ratio!!
Lunch break after a hectic morning. (My feet still ache as I wrote this!!!). Great days ever since we started the venture. While busy running around to get the office studio ready, we managed to secure some projects - big fish and small fish - more to come insyaAllah.
TheRepublik should be operational within this week, insyaAllah. Simple set-up, just enough to get moving and bring the moolahs back home for my babies!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Colorful beads

Caught using a Panasonic Lumix Lx3 on full manual mode on Leica DC Vario-Summicron 1:2.0-2.8/ 5.1-12.8 ASPH (35mm equiv.: 24-60mm).
The Lx3 is my recent "walkabout point & shoot camera" which I shall carry everyday & everywhere! ☺
Beedn wanting to have a decent and reliabe P&S camera ever since the P5000 was lost. The choice was tough - G10 (or G11) and Lx3 are top of the the last moment, the options are open. The deciding factor was simply the superbrandnew condition of the Lx3 (just a month old with 3 yrs warranty) and a vision in my dream couple of hours before the deal!

Anyway, it is a photographers camera and very similar to the Leica in the same class as it is. Shutter-lag is almost none, the colors are superb, handling is great, the built is tough. The price is below the market and warranty is more than I could bargain for.
So, am happy with it lah!

Why not a Leica?
That one will come from the business I am doing now, pure photography money.

Sometimes people gets overly tangled up with devices (or gadgets) to do stuff and they forget that what matters most would be the result or the outcome and the purpose of it.
In my case, some people who does not really knows me well tends to label me as a gadget guy - especially related to PDAs or mobile phones. Totally untrue because waaaaaaaaayyy back when PDAs are only in monochrome screens I have been keen to learn about these devices (my first was IBM WorkPad C3) and I spent my money of those devices where majority of other workers around me are still in the mindset of "those are just techy-toys".

I never change what I have just to have the next new available production - I only change when I know the platform has evolved enough so that I can benefit from the change and/ or I just somehow "outgrew" the performance of the equipment in have in my hands.

As a comparison - others may have to (or just simply must!) change their smartphones every year but my last smartphone lasted 6 years....and I don't think I am going to need to change my Nokia E71 in the next couple of years....but just maybe, I might get another E71 for my other business line! ☺

Come to think of it, all of my cars are more than 10 years old!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Horseland revisited

"Ehhh! Horse tu mata juling laa!!" ~ Neena
She still enjoys seeing the horses at the UPM place.
~ on Symbian mobile device

Cowland revisited

Used to bring them for weekend drive to this place in UPM as early as their first year of written in this blog.
Time really fly fast.
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Introduction To Photojournalism: Shamshahrin Shamsudin | CHAPTERSimages

Tea break. Workshop co-sponsored by SHALINI GANENDRA. the same instance, the works of Rahman Roslan, Vignes B., Adli Ghazali and my own (CHAPTERSimages) on homelessness are being exhibited at Annex Central Market.

More good stuff from us and for us in 2010, insyaAllah.....

Nice notepads huh?? Heheheh!-->

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Halfday @ the pool

Neena and her new friend Farra.
~ on Symbian mobile device

Work and play and having a holiday....

Except for Aliya, the rest of Tok Mak & Tok Abah's cucu are in kampung, apparently wrecking havoc! Ahahaha!! But Tok Mak & Tok Abah are enjoying the time with them. We miss Alisya & Naufal...but hey... that is part of life, they need to be with the rest of the family, not just us all the time.
Tapi memang ada laa orang yg anak dia dijaga oleh orang lain almost all the time, giving the reason of being busy with work etc. etc. to them, I have nothing to say but they just don't know what they are missing in life. Maybe not, cuz they might not even have life after all kut!!!☺
They have been looking forward to balik kampung and the Eidul Adha celebration would have been too quiet without the gathering of the cousins! For the first time the kids had a taste of the cool (cold!) water of Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir). I really enjoyed the moments with Aliya explaining to her about the fish in the stream, the leaves floating etc etc etc....Aliya observes a lot and she would join the crowd if she feels like it, otherwise she'd be sitting near them and do her own stuff or just observe them...and jump in when she sees or hears something interesting.
The kids are just too cute in their baju raya...especially Aliya & alisya when they put on their telekungs for prayers!

Since Alisya & Naufal are back in kampung, Aliya has all the time and access she want to me and wifey. And since I am not in the corporate arena anymore (whoohoo!!!) I can plan my time so that I have all the time I want with my little baby. We'd go swimming in the pool or play at any park we want to after sending Mama to her office, sometimes until almost mid-day. If I have to do my stuff I'd bring her to an indoor park and I can work (read: play) while she makes new friends at the park. We'd grab our lunch and continue until late afternoon.
Really am enjoying the conversations and conversations and conversations with Aliya!

The precious moment that would happen often is when she'd suddenly hugs me and says - Neena sayang Ayah, Ayah sayang Neena tak?

She's growing up well and she's a smart little lady. No, I am not bragging but just stating the obvious. Of course I would never claim my kids are my achievement, they are not objects to claim glory from...but I will always be there for them when they need me as best as I could possibly be...

Today I will spend half of the day in the pool with my baby. As Neena would like it - she'd be The Little Mermaid and I will be King Kong, assisting her in her voyage (in her inflatable boat) to imaginary islands hunting for dinosaurs (with her water gun) in the deep pool.

According to her, dinosaur meat tastes like strawberry.....hahahah!!

So, I understand you have to work, good for you but please excuse me while I enjoy my life.....☼

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Swim swim!

Aliya Irdina having her tuna spread sandwich break after an hour in the deep pool. Gonna do kiddy pool after the break.
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Friday, December 04, 2009

Ta-taaa Petronas!!

My baby Aliya Irdina playing at the KLCC Park. Waving goodbye, with the washed-out background of the PTT...intentionally...because my baby is much more better looking than the PTT! ;o)

The past couple of weeks been fun & rewarding. The past couple of days been more rewarding - since we got out first payment for professional service....and more to come insyaAllah.

Laughing and having fun with my babies, and playing with my cameras (and get paid while at it)....and laughing all the way to the bank with my partners, InsyaAllah.

Just 2 entries below, I mentioned about not receiving the salary & package to that date..and now, I can lepak SFCoffee for breakfast everyday if I want to...but no, why should I? :o)
....ALHAMDULILLAH. Murahkanlah & berkatilah rezeki kami semua Ya-Allah!
Doa orang yg teraniaya....

Ta-taaa Petronas!! Good luck ajer lah in the Global Championship (now that I am out here it sounds like some sort of tournament la plak!! Ada mau shooters for that specific "championship" kah? We'll give good rates - at global champion punyer level lah....but our cameras cannot shoot some of your staff cuz they are not worth to be shot except by a glock! Whahahahaha!!!)

MasyaAllah!! I am a happy dude!!!!!!

Recent conversation as we were sending Mama to her office:
Aliya: Mama look, KLCC Mama...
Me: Pandai baby Ayah, tapi Ayah tak jerja KLCC, no more work with Petronas, Ayah kerja apa sekarang?
Aliya: Ayah....Ayah is a photojournalist!
Mama: *chuckles
Me: Apa nama company Ayah?
Aliya:, TresFoto!
Me: Good girl....(*pats her head)
...yeah, for the past couple of weeks since I left the towers, I have trained my kids to tell people that I am a photojournalist and my company is TresFoto.