Friday, November 20, 2009

My Little Mermaid.... not feeling very well since this afternoon and has been asking me to carry her all the time - "...cannot walk, kaki Aliya sakit Ayah..."

That's just her, when she's not feeling well she tend to be more manja and talks a lot more...she's already talkative, so just imagine how it is like lah!!

I have been working on my WangsaWalk event shots editing all day and after sending it to WWM office we had some ice-creams and the kids played a while at the playground (tak berapa sihat pun bila nampak playground boleh sihat la sekejap!!) Then we went to pick up Mama at her office, where Aliya was already too tired to talk and wanted to sleep on the co-pilot seat of our Wira berkarat....but when mama came in out of the sudden Aliya woke up and started talking, telling what happened during the day and all...and suddenly told Mama - "Mama, Ayah is a photojournalist, Ayah tak work Petronas dah ok Mama?".

: ) so blessed to have her, Naufal & Alisya. They'll grow up to be better person than me, insyaAllah.

...time for some sleep...looks like I am gonna have to take leave and look after the kids...ehhhh wait se-moment....I AM ON FULL TIME LEAVE ! Ahehehehe!!!

...but I have to play tomorrow and maybe a bit over the work it is ok, that one already history lah...cuz now the deal is - no play no money! : )

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