Friday, October 09, 2009

Yeah....bullet the blue sky

Blue is my favorite color, though somehow I always find myself preferring green to blue in many occasions...don't know why!

I wonder, how is it like for a person to decide to leave an organization and do stuff on his/her own. So, I have been talking with a few of them since this morning. The information collected would be very useful for me insyaAllah, when the time comes.

I realized so many times, I have contributed a lot to the organization - appreciated or not, behind the scenes or not - I have clocked in more than 13 years, covering business lines & skill groups more than some of those who are above my position...and here I am, restless, worried, puzzled, demotivated.
Maybe it's time for me to put everything aside.

The sky might look better from outside of this 13 years of vicious circle I have been in...perhaps.

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