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...lapar lepas puasa, berbuka, buffet ke hapa, ikut duit sendiri la...lepas tu terawih ke tidak - kubur masing2 punyer alasan keluar laa! Nak abis bulan Ramadhan, shopping tak hengat, gaji advance + bonus, perabih utk beli brg2 yg bleh dok eksyen kat orang yg nak dtg rumah nanti....tak der duit, tenyeh kadhutang kaler platinum ka gold ka...

dah tu bayar la sampai tahun depan ke apa...lepas tu tiba time raya kat TV tak abis dgn artis terkinja2 mcm beghuk matyeh kena sepak...pusing sana sini beraya sakan, bagi duit raya mcm competition siapa bagi lagi banyak....itulah Hari Raya di BolehLand yg teramat zahir & jelas sekali....nak marah? Marah la, aku bukan kutuk sesiapa, aku story apa yg aku observe jer beb! Lu apacerita? Sama ka? ; )
Yesterday at 8:49pm

Actually feeling a bit bored today - the last day of Ramadhan. Reason being I woke up feeling like I have been cheated and I have been losing in life - trauma that I have been facing for many months. Wanted to clean the house but that would be improper because it is not mine but the in-laws. I don't fancy others cleaning & rearranging my own home!

The weather is not supporting much too. It is raining and it looks like this is going to be a heavy & long one. I have done some shots - curi-curi while going to town & markets to buy stuffs....but nothing serious yet...AND THAT BOTHERS ME! The AI project deal is done and the timeline is really tight! ...but I think there's something else that's bothering me but I could not really make it clear yet...sheesh...I just need to go out and shoot something and everything else will not matters to me! Gosh why am I cranky since yesterday!??

Raya is tomorrow. I have been thinking why do we still prefer to call it Hari Raya and not Eidulfitri? There are so many "raya" already...generally relating to something massive, huge, sort of a congregation too....jalan raya, balai raya, bunga raya, pasar raya, hantu raya...

Anyway, that's ok, up to the people what they want to call it. I am not in the qualified seat to argue about it anyway....just a thought!

I recall during my very very VEEERRYY younger days back in our kampung. The thing that I really look forward durin Eidulfitri (and Eiduladha) would be the making of the ketupat (and of course the eating part too lah!) and the time when cousins & relatives would come by the dozens to our little hut.
...but that's no more happening - everybody has their families/ in-laws and the elder members of my parents are...well, lets just say, the list is getting shorter by the year. So it is about setting the context & stage for my kids now.....and for some reasons, I think they love celebrating it in Kuching, unless the cousins - all of the - are in Segamat. The bet is safer on Kuching.
That is why this year we are celebrating it in Kuching - since last year we did not go back at all.

The negative part of being in Kuching for Eid is that I will miss the making of ketupat. It is different here. Maybe when I have my own house in Kuching it can be more or less the same - the thing is, I really look forward to the leaves being picked by Abah/ Mak and the weaving (menganyam) part to be done by yourstruly and maybe with a little help from my brother...maybe next year....maybe next year.

....and same as many years before, I know I am going to miss Ramadhan because I am not sure if I'd be able to greet Ramadhan again next year.

I just don't understand why people could not appreciate Ramadhan more....and instead consciously treat Eidulfitri like a big-ticket permission for mother of entertainment celebration fiesta. Bodoh sial....bodoh nak mampus....tak pernah pergi mengaji ke diorang ni (bukan mengaji Quran laa..mengaji kitab/ sekolah agama at the very least)....but then again, it's their life so let it be lah! At least I have voiced my concern here, I hope I am off the hook!

...and the rain is still pouring (which is good, otherwise with no air-conditioning in this makeshift reading room of mine, it will be too hot & humid for comfort).

So....what actually is Raya for you?

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