Tuesday, September 08, 2009

On Top Of The World

I shot this Tower 1 Pinnacle from Level 81 Tower 2
Using Sigma 70-300mm APO-DG Macro
Alain Robert finally managed to stand on top of Petronas Tower 2 pinnacle. KUDOS Alain.
Now, there may be something that we can learn from Spidey. His determination, discipline, courage. After 3 attempts - all illegal! - he finally managed to stand on top of the Tower 2 of Petronas Twin Towers on September 1st, 2009. o9-01-09.
Personally i have 2 questions:
a) How did he managed to stand on top of the globe? With all the wind & swaying of the structure...it's kinda mind boggling
b) So much for safety & security for the KLCC area...who is going to be responsible for this is not the first time Spidey managed to get away from the guards.....heck....I have been questioned like as if I am a terrorist because I had a Swiss-knife in my bag!

Day in day out, I have managed to shot more than 30 frames in under the "Everyday" title. I have more to post but the problem is P1 is still as bad as it is - despite the effort of leaving a comment on my last entry, nothing much has improved....I have 2 of that stupid box like receiver that have failed to be of any help because I have 7 months of photos yet to be successfully uploaded to my FlickrPro....and explaining to the P1 Helpdesk is not something I fancy to do in Ramadhan - they can get you annoyed almost immediately after you told them what's your problem with their service. Seriously. I will contact them soon but my bet is - they would not be able to live up to their promises - same like any other Malaysia Boleh(blah) ISP lah....

So, with the connection issue, posting up "Everyday" constantly is a pressure to me.
...it is not a failure - I shoot everyday anyway and why do I have to follow what the US based professor did, shooting everyday and file it on his journal. I will continue to shoot but I will only publish what I think is worthy to be published here....unless I can easily upload stuff in a jiff lah, I might just continue because I have not missed a single day without a shutter click on any of my cameras.

Cameras. I just love cameras. Not because they are cool gadgets - like many wannabe-techy would tag it (for the record, the only cool gadget would be Inspector Gadget!) but simply because it is a tool for me to capture what I saw, framing & freezing that moment for years to come. When ever possible I would use the Nikon FE - have been using it for more than 2 weeks already! - and I will start using the Fuji Instax camera soon enough.....maybe today I'll send the 2 rolls of film to be developed and get an instax cartridge to start with....ada ke duit ni eh...ahehehe...tak apa...kalau tak ada duit, it can wait.

Well actually, I love photography.
...and the cameras - those that I have - would be the tools I need to upskill myself until I can manage to reach the goal I set in this journey of mine, insyaAllah...
Otherwise I would be just like any gadget collectors - cameras and lens collector, trying to bag in as many as possible without necessarily utilizing it to the maximum possible capability. A waste - from my point of view - regardless whether he or she can afford to do such waste...but there's no stopping the rich, they can do whatever they want to and they have all the reasons in the world to make it valid. One of the most "bongkak" reason that I have heard in my life would be - "Because I can".
Masya-Allah....megahnya Hamba-hamba Allaha tersebut hidup di atas bumi yg mereka sangka milik mereka selamanya!

Recently (last weekend) we went shopping for Naufal's & my baju Melayu Hari Raya. It was not difficult to get Naufal's but getting mine was a huge effort, up to one point I told my lovely wife it is ok, just get Naufal's and I will buy a shirt with similar color, since almost all the shops we went to the XL size they have size can just fit a faggot wimp with a huge belly. Cakap bukan main terer lagi siap eksyen kata boleh muat...but in the end senyap jer bila aku cakap ni cutting pondan ke cutting lelaki ni? Sampai bila aaa memang aku takkan pakai baju cutting tersembul nipple mcm lelaki yg kononnya macho tapi berhias mcm pondan sekarang ni...Bodoh nak mampus ke apa diorang ni?
It is just fate that I used to be an avid sportsman thus I have wide and broad shoulders. The XL size might be ok for the tummy but the shoulder - it would not fit at all. All the other fat-sos are just fat-sos but I am not because I can still cycle for hours non stop without much complaint.
I actual told my wife I just don't want to go on looking for the baju because I just don't want to deal with frustations any more. I have had enough of frustations to deal with for 2 life times!
..but being a much much posiive person than I probably could ever be, she insisted that we go on to one last shop and WALLA....the size really fits me - the only shop that with a humble and very friendly owner with the skill, brain & talent as a real tailor - not wannabe tailor idiots like the masses everywhere. definitely, this will be THE shop I'd come every year or for any occasion at all.
Bless the shop!

I never get mad easily when people say I am fat - because I am - but there's a limit to it lah...one of the limit would be when they start to talk health & diet to me I can easily get pissed. Get on the bike and cycle around for two hours non stop, then come and talk about health & diet...to my hand!
I am fat but I have a life, and my kids love me as much as I can ever want them to.
So, shut up and go sell your health dish & supplementary shit elsewhere, I am not interested because all that are just gimmicks. What is life when you fail to define it your own way and live it at the mercy of others exploiting you?
You only want to eat that health shit on the morning of Eid kah kawan? You do? Wow....what a life you are going to enjoy living!!!

Welcome to Gotham City
Raya is just about a fortnight away. Our preparation is much humble than previous year. Without the bonus (and some clients did not manage to pay on time) I must admit it is a bit taxing to plan for Eid but that should not stop me from giving the best possible for my family.
At the end of the day, I probably would have more than enough to make them happy, insyaAllah. It may not be like the richer people around me...but it is enough for us to appreciate what we have and share some with poorer people around us.

It is not about showing off new clothings and shoes...
...but it is about giving the kids what they deserve, just to make them happy and appreciate our love....and telling them how fortunate they are compared to the poor kids they have met all year long.

It is not about collecting duit raya & comparing who have the most and who gave the most (Wallahi I always scold my kids if they follow others asking for duit raya from the hosts....)
...but it is about giving what we can afford to the poor & needy instead of flaunting around too much like as if it is a part of the religion.

It is not about many things that we have practiced in our many years of life....the arrival of Eid has been overly (and wrongly) celebrated, and the end of Ramadhan has been much neglected.

Though it is a bit harder this year, I am sure Allah would want my kids to have a great Eidulfitri...thus I am sure there will be something meant for them along the way, insyaAllah.

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