Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conflicts, white,
....dark, light,
....high, low,
... anger, laughter.

+ Awkward composition in general - horizontal landscape, due to the tightness of the 50mm & space constraint, but it can still do the work.
+ Harsh over & under, post processing the curves - trying to get the ray of lights in the background, bring up some halo effect, utilizing the higher light bounce off the clouds behind the KL Tower
+ Maybe some of my close buddies have realized my preference on composing "conflicting elements", this shot is on sample thus why ", white, dark, light, high, low,... anger, laughter."

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Hectic society

...back to reality (but not complaining!).

Dear MyRetirementYears,
When are you coming to me?
Hmm...really want it soonest possible....

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My wife & my youngest daughter (at this point of time lah!)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ada la story skit

1. soon as I can get connected, I'll tell the story

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Now I am connected, for real. We decided to gat the Celcom Broadband for our usage at home and on the move.
Why Celcom Broadband despite the recent slack on their system? Well simply because there's no other really reliable service provider in this BolehLand-lah. Is there? NOPE. WiMax has failed us for the last time, ultimately....such a sad case, it used to be very very reliable, for a couple of months...and then it was just a waste of time to get them to respond to our problem & much so that most of the time it would always end up them telling it probably is our fault - connection setting laaa, have to key-in specific IP laaa...BUT the most consistent reason given - Network enhancement in oh my...banyak la kau punyer enhancement...ceh!
So, it is up to the wifey now whether she wants to continue of not with the WiMax account....but as far as I am concerned, when it come to P1 is so lousy and rather than asking about how lousy it is, it is just better for you to go pee one leh!

OK, before the story....
Last night we went to WangsaWalk Mall, since the kids have been saying how much they loved the pizza thingy they ate during Ramadhan....I was not there with them. So, off we go...and it was really good - the taste of the pizza and the friendliness of the staff/ owner of the small set-up.
....while I was standing and waiting for our orders, I managed to observe the passers-by and somehow catch a bit oftheir conversation (as I was busy trying to compose on the small screen of the E71). The was this one particular person - with his small daughter about the same age of my Alisya, who stopped by and observed the going-ons at the stall.
The guy stopped and took a close look at the stall, the I heard he murmured, "Hmmph...tak mau lah, C1n4..."

Well well much about 1Malaysia spirit....

The workers were Malay locals, the owner are Chinese entrepreneurs. Most of the people lining-up waiting for their turn to order are Malays & Chinese. All halal stuff used, nothing wrong with the setting at what's with the remark done by that bloke?

I recall the time when I used to help my mother & father in-laws at their warung in a kampung place near Kajang, just a few years before we got our kids. Me & wifey woudl drop by straight from office, do Maghrib prayers and helped them out until closing time about 930pm or so.

The location of the warung is quite strategic, it is actually house with 2 bedrooms, with 2 car park - sheltered, near to the main street of the kampung, so it is very accessible.

I'd do teh tarik and whatever drinks being ordered, wifey would help prepare the simple dishes - special recipe mee jawa (read about it couple of entry below this!), mee goreng, mee soup etc..simple stuffs but tastes good and reasonably affordable for the kampung folks.

The in-laws did the warung just out of boredom and to get extra money, since they were doing nothing most time of the day anyway and they panned to stay a while before going back to Kuching at that time. Business was good, clean income of about Rm100-200 per day, is not bat at all, I guess.

Only one incident that made me wonder till today:

One fine evening as I was pulling some teh for a couple of customers, my father-in-law was being asked by one of the - why are there chop-sticks on the tables. The person continue to say we should not put chop-sticks, because we are not serving the Chinese, not serving non-halal foods.
Being nice people, we did what he asked and no more chop-sticks on the tables from that day on.

Pakai kopiah, pi solat jemaah 1-2 waktu sehari, dah rasa riak sampai nak claim diri tu berilmu sangat?!
Same with the guy at the WangsaWalk - just because it is owned by Chinese, then cannot but from the stall?

Racism to the minute definition...sad but true.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Lunch in Syawal at our home

....wifey cooked for our weekend house cleaners; ayam penyet, grenadine juice and as demanded by Aliya ketupat & soup! Simple, but Alhamdulillah, rezeki beb.
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An example of a good samaritan

...took care of the animal, printed the flyers to make it known...wonder if the actual owner would appreciate the effort so much....KUDOS to this good person though, we need more citizens like this....yes?
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NSK wet market. Shopping roceries & stuff. Wifey wanna serve ayam penyet for lunch, woohooo!
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Land a-hoy

...Alhamdulillah...back in KL.
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Off we go!

On board!
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Ngighup! :)

Tea/coffee before departure.
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Leaving on a jetplane....

Checking-in @ Kuching Airport.
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Last Friday Prayer for this trip

....Masjid Jamek, Petra Jaya Kuching.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aliya & ArTooD2 my makeshift workstation, family house Kuching. Viewing her photos while listening to....FUTURE WORLD - HELLOWEEN
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Evening Kuching skyline, the last dusk for this trip

Ma'assalamah senja di Kuching!

So many things we wanted to do but could not do it this time around...thus, we have decided to come back next time during a school break and do the stuffs we wanted to...

InsyaAllah kalau umur panjang & ada rezeki...makan gaji cannot go far cuz ada manusia yg dr asal kononnya kawan, tapi sebab nak dpt pangkat & nama terus bertukar jadi pendengki & hatibusuk....keji sekali....he/ she/ they will deal with their part sooner or later, InsyaAllah...

So, gotta do more bigdeal stuff then what we have managed to do for our own set-up, PassionCreative, CHAPTERSimages & CHAPs....

Other than that, I just want to do more quality time with my beautiful kids Alisya, Naufal, Aliya & my beautiful wife...please help me Allah!

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My wife's favorite local fast food outlet.....since they were babies, we took our kids here everytime we are in Kuching. Simple setting, local dishes, great taste, good pricing. Superb.

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A true example of an idiotic wanker

Nice expensive ride, owned/driven by an idiotic wanker who'd probably a son of a rich wanker, who's also probably a son of a rich wanker, who's also probably a son of a rich wanker.
Just because they were born wankers, others have (and had, in the case of the ancestors) to be patient and bear with their idiotic wankerish this case, double parking conviniently as they wish.
Tak semua orang kaya itu pandai...tak semua orang bodoh itu miskin...
This owner of the 4WD is probably an orang kaya kaki belagak yang miskin sikap sivik....
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Homemade Soto Johor in Kuching

....for our openhouse, prepared by my pretty wife.
This is what you get when the whole family are cooks/ chefs....lotsa recipes...and deliciously delicious...burrrp!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Almarhumah Mak Tua (my grandmother) used to make this traditional kuih, white in color, coupled with kopi-kaw, pure bliss!
...those were the kampung boy...still am...and not shy to admit it, not at all!
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Chasing the Lightning

....Ride The Lightning!!

D300, handheld, hi-burst mode.

Monday, September 21, 2009


....that's what I feel so I went out to shoot some stuff with my trusted buddies: D300 & FE.
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Homemade Ayam Penyet

....what's left of it!! Best - sik gheti camne mok dipadah....!
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Homemade Mee Belachan

....for lunch! At our Andak's place. Aishhhh...nang best gilak, a must for Eid (by demand....buahahahah!!). Ishh...apa hal plak aku nih....makan lok baghu blogging....waahahah! Nyamaaan!

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The secret is in the gravy

Homemade Mee Jawa for 2nd Syawal. My mother inlaw's homemade gravy is the best I have ever tasted. Used to help them at their Mee Jawa warong after work...mainly doing teh-tariks! If I am not needed in the organization (apart from being a professional photographer) at least I can do teh-tariks lah!!
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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Aliya posing next to a cousin's Kenari. Last stop for the day. Tummy filled, lotsa smiles, laughters & lagho entertainment involved.
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Kecil gilak!

...the original glass used during Eid.
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Candy Eid Meriah

....kinda cool!
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Ready for Eid

...and whatever comes.
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2009 Eidulfitri

The kids could hardly wait to get into their baju raya. Went to Tun's place @ Seri Bahagia for prayers & morning & Naufal, the girls stayed back cuz we were running late...
Hilton's catering for Eid breakfast, kool juga!

20.09.2009 - Wishing all friends and families

'Slamet dhino bodho, njalok ngapurone seng akeh-akeh!'

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Satellite TV vs Astro

....well...I spend more time with my Macs I dunno which one is better but since Astro charges for (the same) movies again & again, I'd put my bet on the satellite disc.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Posted this one in my Fb Status:

...lapar lepas puasa, berbuka, buffet ke hapa, ikut duit sendiri la...lepas tu terawih ke tidak - kubur masing2 punyer alasan keluar laa! Nak abis bulan Ramadhan, shopping tak hengat, gaji advance + bonus, perabih utk beli brg2 yg bleh dok eksyen kat orang yg nak dtg rumah nanti....tak der duit, tenyeh kadhutang kaler platinum ka gold ka...

dah tu bayar la sampai tahun depan ke apa...lepas tu tiba time raya kat TV tak abis dgn artis terkinja2 mcm beghuk matyeh kena sepak...pusing sana sini beraya sakan, bagi duit raya mcm competition siapa bagi lagi banyak....itulah Hari Raya di BolehLand yg teramat zahir & jelas sekali....nak marah? Marah la, aku bukan kutuk sesiapa, aku story apa yg aku observe jer beb! Lu apacerita? Sama ka? ; )
Yesterday at 8:49pm

Actually feeling a bit bored today - the last day of Ramadhan. Reason being I woke up feeling like I have been cheated and I have been losing in life - trauma that I have been facing for many months. Wanted to clean the house but that would be improper because it is not mine but the in-laws. I don't fancy others cleaning & rearranging my own home!

The weather is not supporting much too. It is raining and it looks like this is going to be a heavy & long one. I have done some shots - curi-curi while going to town & markets to buy stuffs....but nothing serious yet...AND THAT BOTHERS ME! The AI project deal is done and the timeline is really tight! ...but I think there's something else that's bothering me but I could not really make it clear yet...sheesh...I just need to go out and shoot something and everything else will not matters to me! Gosh why am I cranky since yesterday!??

Raya is tomorrow. I have been thinking why do we still prefer to call it Hari Raya and not Eidulfitri? There are so many "raya" already...generally relating to something massive, huge, sort of a congregation too....jalan raya, balai raya, bunga raya, pasar raya, hantu raya...

Anyway, that's ok, up to the people what they want to call it. I am not in the qualified seat to argue about it anyway....just a thought!

I recall during my very very VEEERRYY younger days back in our kampung. The thing that I really look forward durin Eidulfitri (and Eiduladha) would be the making of the ketupat (and of course the eating part too lah!) and the time when cousins & relatives would come by the dozens to our little hut.
...but that's no more happening - everybody has their families/ in-laws and the elder members of my parents are...well, lets just say, the list is getting shorter by the year. So it is about setting the context & stage for my kids now.....and for some reasons, I think they love celebrating it in Kuching, unless the cousins - all of the - are in Segamat. The bet is safer on Kuching.
That is why this year we are celebrating it in Kuching - since last year we did not go back at all.

The negative part of being in Kuching for Eid is that I will miss the making of ketupat. It is different here. Maybe when I have my own house in Kuching it can be more or less the same - the thing is, I really look forward to the leaves being picked by Abah/ Mak and the weaving (menganyam) part to be done by yourstruly and maybe with a little help from my brother...maybe next year....maybe next year.

....and same as many years before, I know I am going to miss Ramadhan because I am not sure if I'd be able to greet Ramadhan again next year.

I just don't understand why people could not appreciate Ramadhan more....and instead consciously treat Eidulfitri like a big-ticket permission for mother of entertainment celebration fiesta. Bodoh sial....bodoh nak mampus....tak pernah pergi mengaji ke diorang ni (bukan mengaji Quran laa..mengaji kitab/ sekolah agama at the very least)....but then again, it's their life so let it be lah! At least I have voiced my concern here, I hope I am off the hook!

...and the rain is still pouring (which is good, otherwise with no air-conditioning in this makeshift reading room of mine, it will be too hot & humid for comfort).

So....what actually is Raya for you?

Last Friday of this Ramadhan

Maybe we'll meet agin next year? InsyaAllah....
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XCXX reunited

Isham Alwaddy Bujang & Abdillah Dolbah. Lost in time, already 20 years!
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...with reflections as viewed from Kg Gersik on the opposite side of the riverbank.
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Janggut Duyung

Look like noodles but actually a nice dish. I recall my buddy's wedding - Nahzamri - about a decade ago....where it is part of the main dish served.
Have always wondered where'd he managed to get the massive supply for teh occasion!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pondok Laguna

Family ifthar. Nice place. Noisy though, too noisy to my preference. Good food. If only the space is more than the accepted bookings!
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The KKK Business

A compulsory stop for cake makers. The stuff sold are cheaper than Semenanjung, some are difficult/ very expensive or not even available in Semenanjung...including books on cake making techniques.
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THE Raya Cards

We did a number of raya cards this year since the kids can now write & read faster than they used to. REAL cards, not the e-cards thingy.
Each of them will draw something & color it as they wish, with their names close to the artwork.
Alisya would write the contents, signed her Mandarin name and then me & wifey put down our signature. Done!
Fun, yes...but more importanyly, the cards will be one of their timeless works of art & love.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Dinner with Mama's schoolmates.
Cool little restaurant in Semarak. The kids love the fishballs & steaks. They had a blast with cousins Ika & Waiz today....rainy day bu filled with fun!
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RaJa Ayam Penyet

Landed safely in Kuching around 1040pm.
At 1am, we are still wide awake....the whole family is just excited to be in Kuching. For the first time we try Raja Ayam Penyet place. Cool. Really cool.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

CHAPTERSimages...another chapter of my life

A discussion session with Rahman Roslan & Vignes Balasingam - "students" of Ron Haviv.
Founding Members of CHAPTERSimages (in the making....just a couple more months, insyaAllah!)

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


~ that's my name, in jawi, Parker Quink red ink, Parker Quink black ink, Pelikan 4001 green ink, Faber-Castell Black Technical Drawing Ink & 2B+ hi-polymer carbon

Can I write & read in jawi without much fumbling?
Can my kids do the same?
~Working on it

How about you?