Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everyday.34: 2009.08.27

The P1 WiMax is turning from worse to annoying. Chances of sending e-mails is almost nil, uploading photos is nil, speed is unpredictable but one thing for sure - the monthly rate still remains. Absurd. We'd probably resort to Streamyx fixed line soon for lack of choice and maybe go on Celcom mobile plan sooner or later.

Mama had to go to hotspots to get her work done - what can be settled via phone calls are done at home, what needs to be settled via e-mails had to wait till the evening where we'd go to any hotspot for ifthar and Mama would send the e-mails for the day. 

So much for Malaysia Boleh....P1 boleh blah!!! 

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

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