Friday, August 14, 2009

Everyday.21 :2009.08.14

In the recent though the hours per day seems to be very limited, I still try to squeeze as much time as possible to do my readings/ research on photojournalism & documentary photography.
Last night I revised for xxxxth time the sites of Justin Mott & James Nachtwey...
Rahman Roslan was on line and I was introduced to the works of
Dhiraj Singh.

Marvellous masterpieces.

Justin's work on Nu - A Child In Isolation never fails to shed tears.

One day, I will be as good as them.

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

James Nachtwey's
MINE!! (Work published on DEMOTIX site)
..maybe one day in the future, an aspiring documentary photographer/photojournalist would refer to my work as I did on Justin Mott's, James Nachtwey and many others?

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