Thursday, August 13, 2009

Everyday.19 :2009.08.12

The kids were excited on this day because they are going to have their concert rehearsal and they are going to the location by bus.
The latter would be their main cause of excitement!
Alisya decided to wear her school shoe instead of her Nike sneakers like Naufal & Aliya.
Bought them to Wendy's but all they wanted was ice-cream!! Not good but once in a while, ok laa!! Good thing I ordered the garden salad & baked potatoe thingy....kena "pow" big time by all three!
After lepaking a while at the fountain (plus 2 emergency rush to the little room - one upon arrival & another one after dinner) we went back...they slept with me again since Mama will only be back tomorrow. All there cuddled under 2 comfy comforter in a cold la tidur! The problem is waking them up the next morning!!
..but it is not that bad actually. They have became more disciplined nowadays. A bit of strictness had to be applied lah but reading their moods and all, things can be set on the proper rail as they reach their school.

I guess it was a great move not to have maid. We get to spend more time and be more closer with our kids, of course it is tiring to do all the house works & stuff but that's why we are parents anyway...
At least we can say that we really brought up our kids on our own 24x7....savvy.

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

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