Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everyday.34: 2009.08.27

The P1 WiMax is turning from worse to annoying. Chances of sending e-mails is almost nil, uploading photos is nil, speed is unpredictable but one thing for sure - the monthly rate still remains. Absurd. We'd probably resort to Streamyx fixed line soon for lack of choice and maybe go on Celcom mobile plan sooner or later.

Mama had to go to hotspots to get her work done - what can be settled via phone calls are done at home, what needs to be settled via e-mails had to wait till the evening where we'd go to any hotspot for ifthar and Mama would send the e-mails for the day. 

So much for Malaysia Boleh....P1 boleh blah!!! 

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everyday.33: 2009.08.26

This shot was taken after Subuh, before I get ready for work. That's my Baby Alisya Irdina @ Kakak. She got a new "baby"...a teddy bear which I named Debe! :)

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Everyday.32: 2009.08.25

Hullo! lost weight or sumthing?
Your skin looks darker too....been staying out for assignment lately huh Yoda?
No? are not Yoda are you?
YOU are NOT Yoda! Yoda is at home!!

So what should we name you....hmmm...?

~Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Everyday.31: 2009.08.24

Well...."stylish" or anything related to it, has never been in my dictionary. I have been using the same "collection" of neck-tie for several years, the most recent purchase would be one black with silver stripe last year....until recent recent (ahah!) when I bought 6 boxes of tie with cufflinks (dunno when will I ever use those!!). Why? Frankly I am not 100% sure why but I guess I am just enjoying every day of my life... Alhamdulilah.

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Everyday.30: 2009.08.23

When Aliya was born, we immediately started the baby-mummy bonding, seconds after she was cleaned she started being breast-fed by Mama. Now, after more than 3 years from that magical moment, she is very attache to Mama and still continues to amaze us. Dah pandai nak bergaya....check out the earings...that's why she posed like that!

MasyaAllah..everyday with Alisya, Naufal & Aliya is never boring.

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Babies are going to this school soon!!

I can still recall those morning & evening basin bath, late night diaper change, very early morning baby-chat (and they sleep when Subuh is just minutes away!), weekend strolls, bubbles puffing, trike hours, playground hours....all those and many other activities since Alisya & Naufal were born....felt like it was just yesterday but comes January, they will be in Std. 1.
How time really flies...
We love you so much, Kakak & Abang....
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Over Rated Nasi Lemak

Date: 2009-08-23 19:58

Too much been advertised & told....I gues each people's taste really differs between one another.
I was very disappointed with the quality of the taste - ayam percik tasted nothing like percik, more like ayam goreng GARAM. Teh'o limau taste like teh lemon campur lebih extra GARAM. Sambal....Chili Boh!! Apaaaaa punyer Antarabangsa? Many others can do better than this.
That's it, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa is just like Sate Kajang Haji Samuri. Over rated. A disgrace. I would not bring my family, friends or business contacts to their places.
Malaysia boleh kaaa!??
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Everyday.29 :2009.08.22

Our berbuka puasa on the first day of Ramadhan this year.
Alhamdulillah, Naufal seems to be ok, no fever & the dots are disappearing....maybe berkat puasa separuh hari kut?!
The kids recite the doa during ifthar & any meals.
I try to train my babies, it is not about just enjoying and getting what ever we want to have after day long fasting, it is about appreciating what we have and others don't....
Overly celebrated Pasar Ramadhan and Berbuka Puasa packages are not good to uphold the actual reason of Ramadhan & the purpose of puasa & ifthar.....don't you think so?

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Everyday.28 :2009.08.21

First day of the fasting month this year - 22nd August 2009. On Friday 21st August I had to leave all my tasks in the afternoon and attend to Naufal - who has symptoms of the HMF disease....5 days quarantine and max 10 days to cure, otherwise we have to see the specialist again.
Tarawih was nice, after 1 year, finally it's here again. Had a good discussion with the XC friends later, until almost 3am!

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Everyday.27 :2009.08.20

The haze, the H1N1 and some other diseases has created such a trend....wearing a face-mask when one is in public area.


~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Everyday.26 :2009.08.19

KFC was part of the potluck week on Sunshine Floor. Fast food addiction - no - but from time to time we'd probably find ourselves wanting to get that particular fast food for no apparent reason. Why? Is it really no apparent reason or is it because we are accustomed to some fast food, the it is part of our personal culture? What ever our answer may be, it's nothing wrong with it. As long as we are happy living our live!

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs,MY

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Being where I am in life right now, at times, I do wonder whether I have lived my years on if I had no proper plan nor path that I'd be threading on to arrive to a designated location I may have in mind.

Now, I am almost very very sure the answer to that is a solid NO.

Realizing I am just going through another rough phase in life, I'd just continue to life and enjoy each day as much as possible.

Separating that part I had to endure (as what some of you might have known / read in my blog lah) actually what I have is much much more than what the others who tried to pull me down may ever have in his/ her life.
It's lovely, this life I have. Especially with my loved ones around me.
* Smiles!

Everyday.25 :2009.08.18

It seems that I can still afford a new casing for the phone.
One for wifey too.
....and another spare for the kids mobile which we seldom use anyway, so I get to use that spare casing as and when I want lah! :)

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Like previous years, at this time of the year I'd spend a couple of thousand Rm for gifts & presents for the family ...but not this year, no bonus & increment for me....maybe getting something by other means...rezeki comes from Allah not from the performance ratings given by others.
What goes around comes around, for each and everyone of you.
Some of you are just too "keji" for me to allow my kids to greet or shake hand with anymore.
I sure don't want them to be near any sombong, bongkak & gila pangkat lowlife like you all.
So, don't ever be in my sight and just go do what you do best....have a good sin.

Everyday.24 :2009.08.17

A potluck is a gathering of people where each person is expected to bring a dish of food to be shared among the group.
~ WikiPedia
So....ramadhan is near & the Sunshine Floor had a whole week of Potluck breakfast & lunch.
Asked Mama to prepare her recipe of fried noodle. For the first breakfast of the week.

~Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Everyday.23 :2009.08.16

We have been eagerly waiting - as much as the kids themselves - for the day our kids would be performing for their kindergarten and finally it's here!
Aliya did her Elvis Presley thingy with her classmates.
Naufal did the chef thingy with his classmates.
Alisya did the Indian dance thingy with her classmates.
They were marvelous!
...our babies are really growing up fast!!

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The STAR Children House 20th Anniversary

That's where Alisya, Naufal & Aliya go schooling. This would be their first concert for the kindergarten. Looking at the hall & set-up (and the ticket!) it's quite grand....but that's not the point, we want to give the best we can afford for our kids so that they can be better than us.
Mama & Ayah love you Alisya, Naufal, Aliya!
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Everyday.22: 2009.08.15

Children photography is not as easy as it may sound. It is more than just getting the perfect exposure, or getting the job done.
For me, it is about framing the face, smiles, eyes, those moments that will never be there again...because as one grows up, he or she, will start to wander away from the purity of a child's heart.

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Saturday, August 15, 2009

...the day they get richer

Been shooting since morning till noon, all the time with my kids around me.
......and for the first time in my life I am just watching as others jump with jubilence and joy as their bank account get more than what normally would be in on monthly basis.
Sad. Mad. Defeated. Dishonored.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Everyday.21 :2009.08.14

In the recent though the hours per day seems to be very limited, I still try to squeeze as much time as possible to do my readings/ research on photojournalism & documentary photography.
Last night I revised for xxxxth time the sites of Justin Mott & James Nachtwey...
Rahman Roslan was on line and I was introduced to the works of
Dhiraj Singh.

Marvellous masterpieces.

Justin's work on Nu - A Child In Isolation never fails to shed tears.

One day, I will be as good as them.

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

James Nachtwey's
MINE!! (Work published on DEMOTIX site)
..maybe one day in the future, an aspiring documentary photographer/photojournalist would refer to my work as I did on Justin Mott's, James Nachtwey and many others?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Everyday.20 : 2009.08.13

My definition of "power lunch":
Having whatever edible & digestible over the designated lunchtime. :)

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Everyday.19 :2009.08.12

The kids were excited on this day because they are going to have their concert rehearsal and they are going to the location by bus.
The latter would be their main cause of excitement!
Alisya decided to wear her school shoe instead of her Nike sneakers like Naufal & Aliya.
Bought them to Wendy's but all they wanted was ice-cream!! Not good but once in a while, ok laa!! Good thing I ordered the garden salad & baked potatoe thingy....kena "pow" big time by all three!
After lepaking a while at the fountain (plus 2 emergency rush to the little room - one upon arrival & another one after dinner) we went back...they slept with me again since Mama will only be back tomorrow. All there cuddled under 2 comfy comforter in a cold la tidur! The problem is waking them up the next morning!!
..but it is not that bad actually. They have became more disciplined nowadays. A bit of strictness had to be applied lah but reading their moods and all, things can be set on the proper rail as they reach their school.

I guess it was a great move not to have maid. We get to spend more time and be more closer with our kids, of course it is tiring to do all the house works & stuff but that's why we are parents anyway...
At least we can say that we really brought up our kids on our own 24x7....savvy.

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Everyday.18 :2009.08.11

Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. Sadly, it is probably the most neglected one instead.
I would agree that it is the most important meal of the day but I view it with a minor differentiation - not because it's supposed to get you going BUT it's supposed to set the day on the proper mode for you and your loved me sentimental & whatever but you never know, it may be the last meal you have with your loved ones....

....sigh...don't you think that we spend more time having meals with our colleagues rather than our loved ones (...but I "qadha" it on weekends!!)

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs,MY

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Everyday.17: 2009.08.10

Since I started working many ages ago, I had an ambition. Along the way it got beaten & battered and smashed to pieces. While that happened, I have built up many skills and capabilities and took my time charting my journey.

Those who were involved in the whole plethora of abusing & acting as such nice personalities (for some) while at it, are there in my blackbox...and surprisingly, the list had to be updated recently!

Things beyond my control, are beyond my control.

What goes around comes around. I am just too seasoned for this stupid game anyway, so watch out. (No...don't watch out, continue doing your stuff like back-stabbing others, talking behind them, destroying their path on each possible opportunities you have....that's what you are destined to do for the rest of your life perhaps!).

One similarity though - like me, these people would not be here forever.

So I don't know about them but for me, I will just continue doing what I have done (and it should have been done ages ago!) - only one mission of the day: just concentrate on having a lovely day! : )

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

Everyday.16: 2009.08.09

That's the place I would normally start the morning of Saturdays & Sundays with my kids when they were still babies....and even though they are both 6 & Neena now 3, we would still do it - or otherwise we'd go to the swimming pool since now we have one (two actually) by virtue of living in a rumah pangsa.
I can almost recall perfectly the moments when I first taught them how to climb the ladders to the slides...
My babies have grown really flies....I have thought of this as I actually held their hands when they took their first steps on the ladders of the slide...
Maybe the next thing I know they'd already be working and I am already on the ruins of Machu-Picchu with some Leicas of my own, realizing the second phase of my plan to live my life to the fullest without being governed by 8to5 timeframe...InsyaAllah.

No matter how fast time flies, I just love them so much more than I could ever explain.

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY

What is the time now?

Definitely - time for the kids & family.
Always. Nothing else.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Everyday.15: 2009.08.08

Took the kids for a hair cut.
Mama's choice, a hairdressing shoppe next to our favorite cendol & rojak place. (Well, the family can have their choice but for my own hair cut, I will go to any barber place and just ask for Number 2!)
The kids enjoyed the session so much....and the people who were there had a 30-45 minutes of entertainment while getting thei hair done. the end of the session, all I can say was -
"Wahhlauuweeeihhh!! Got style one lehh!!!"

: )

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, MY