Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I have been working in the same organization for more than a decade. I have moved from one unit to another, joined a number of operating units, corporate centers, project teams....and in my 13th year, I somehow made it to this unit on the Sunshine Floor.

After 13 years of ups & downs (the latter is more applicable for the past 5 years and more) when it comes to "climbing the corporate ladder", the Sunshine Floor seems to be a place that has somehow managed to revitalize the "allspark".

...what I need for the rest of my life in this organization would be the buddies & the leaders that I can trust and who are there as a team, always.....for that is what I truly believe is present on the Sunshine Floor....insyaAllah.

...some of the things that might happen when you group
a bunch of high-competent engineers from various disciplines,
business analysts, strategic planners....and me! (ahehehe!)
(Bazukishot with our ultramassivecool Vice Pres)

Given the time to design & implement the session...I think the team did very well.
What I did was just a small part - lead........ Alhamdulillah.THE BEST!

Yes, I am not the staff that will be graded as the best by many other leaders in the organization but for me, that does not mean anything at all, because majority of them are not the kind of leaders that I would trust and appreciate anyway, or simply put - to my definition, they are not fit to become leaders at all. Especially the SM's & GMs & VP of the last place I was in. Yeah, telling straight to your face again, sissies!!
So, I am not getting any increment - so be it. Every single items I am being denied my rights, so be it. Every single rewards I am being denied my share but instead being given (or shared) by/to others, be it. I won't be getting any 4-5-6 months bonus, so be it.
...because, ALHAMDULILLAH, I am so glad I have to deal no more with back-stabbers that treated me like a great buddy but took the credits and reward for himself/ themselves. I am not that much concerned about it anymore but the pain & scar remains and it's my persona, if I am being hit, I'd hit them back much harder when the time is right or pray they'll get what they deserve, if not from me,from others, or from MY GOD. WALLAHI, all of you involved will get it ten-fold from MY GOD, AllahuAkbar!

The pain & scars I have to live with from the past are too much to just simply be forgiven so don't tell me about holding grudges or "dendam".
..but I am more concerned about the future, it will be better for me & my family, InsyaAllah.

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