Sunday, June 21, 2009

Refugee of the world, are we not?

20th June - World Refugee Day.
One of the races that's has been in this country as refugee would be the Myanmar tribes. Vietnamese and Cambodian would also be common faces to Malaysians. Many this are left untold about these people, except the text that are publish on the media locally. The untold truth would remains the untruth to the masses and not really a matter that concern them.
Not unless one day they woke up and find themselves wearing the shoes similar to those of these refugees, on a foreign country, unwelcomed by the locals, literally, struggling to survive, fighting for what they are being denied back home. A struggle that seems endless but nobody seems to care.

At about 7am, after a good breakfast and morning chat from 630am, with a group of buddies I went for a street shooting to day. Though I could not get the one shot that I wanted, I got the secondary shot....and an interesting experience. We heard somebody shouting for help from a distance and after a short while a Vietnamese refuge came out from an alley holding his head, bleeding.Pha Mun Tai, was pulled by a group of Myanmar and forced to surrender his belongings. He lost Rm300, and lotsa blood.

Passers-by were stunned and literally did nothing. Mun Tai then tried to contact his friends but everybody were busy today. We helped Mun Tai by applying whatever emergency rescue steps that we are familair with and a few minutes after the incident we were lucky to have a police car on duty passing by. We stopped the car and the officers called for an ambulance. Immediate treatment was done on location before Mun Tai was taken to a hospital for furter treatment.

Imagine What if we are in his shoes instead?

Pha Mun Tai - A Vietnamese refuge, was walking pass a small alley in Kuala Lumpur when he was pulled by a group of Myanmar refugees and forced to surrender his belongings. Hit with long sticks, he managed to escape. Pha lost Rm300, and lotsa blood.

~ Khairil F. Jamian/ CHAPs, Malaysia

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