Monday, June 08, 2009


This shot was taken during the LEGO show in KLCC, last Friday.
I observed so many kids & parents in the play zone, when the competition time comes, only registered (competing family are allowed to be in the area) I was allowed in because I was with my DSLR & NatGeo bag perhaps! laa, I was friendly with the organizer/ MC so it's just natural they would allow me to shoot the event without many questions asked).
One clear thing I realized - those who are in the competition, the parents are more "competitive" that the kids!
I am not saying it's wrong but my whole point is - kids just love to have fun. If winning is part of the deal, they'd be better off doing it naturally & it is good for them to know that to become a winner there must be worthy losers so show respect towards them.

What's the word...haaaa.. KIASU! It's just so apparent in our society already....

"I have been to this country - 3 times...have you?"(...and you think Tronoh is in Saraawak?!)
"We went to Europe for holiday last semester break, next time we are going to Japan lor....where you bring your family for holiday aaa?" (...and your never bring your kids for a swim in Sg Tua?)
"Your camera how much aah? I bough this latest model recently you now, thinking of getting the f2.8 prime lens laa, what do you think better that of get the f1.4 terus?" (Matrix metering pun tak reti nak berlagak superb plak adehh!!!)
"We buy our kids toys from Fisher Price only" (...and you actually don't make the time to play with you kids lah!)

You get what I mean, I guess....

Some may argue - it's natural for people to tell where they have been etc etc - well, maybe partially natural - but excessive comparison and rampant boasting to others that you know cannot afford such things you can do...that's just way too much is it not?

The unfortunate others may have more important priorities than yours and for that matter their disposable income could be very limited to make it possible for them to do stuff that maybe just something that you can do very frequently.

...but some people people just love to compare & boast about themselves regardless of the situation the other person is in....they must always be above every items or topics!

Let them have it their way lah....kan?

(Yang lagi best tu - travel atas nama company - supposed to be on business but focus is on personal leisure instead....heheh..sounds familiar aye?)

Some poor soul's priority can just be something that we take for granted....
Like a comfortable place to sleep at night....

So, any of you would dare go ask this street dweller if she has been to for holiday recently?

(The shot was taken during a night street shooting with buddies - Sy Din & Hazarizal)

So, what's your priority in life?
Is it similar to those Taxi Pakciks (read entry below) who prefer to make more dough rather than being honest in the trade? Well, go's your choice!

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