Thursday, June 11, 2009


This would be my second day with the kids on their mid-year school break. With the present condition I am in, I could not afford (Rm, time & energy factors lumped together) taking them for proper holiday so I have to ask them what they'd like to do for the day and try to meet their expectations as much as possible.

At their age - 6 & 3 - it is quite easy to satisfy their expectation. Even though it is easy,I have started educating them to appreciate what they have and what poorer others don't have - NOT what richer others have and they think they also MUST have - too much of that at the Zoo previously: sikap tamak haloba & lupa daratan. Al-maklumlah....ramai sangat orang kampung masuk bandaraya sampai lupa diri nak berlagak mcm modern-urban-being - makan pun kena tempat ada kelas & berair-conditioned, padahal masa time tak berapa ada pangkat dulu sikit punyer ngeri ke bila kawan ajak pi makan kat level 4 Suria pun....sanggup cross jalan berpanas makan kat tempat murah, frequent by orang yg tak perpangkat (ataupun yg berpangkat tapi tak pernah lupa daratan!)....nak buat camana, time tadek pangkat dulu stylo tapi sengkek cover baek punyer - style kena jaga beb, sengkek kena cover!!

Anyway, back to that value I tried to coach my kids - I realized, it's working, on our way back from KLCC the kids decided to have roti canai as lunch (nothing wrong with that,as far as I am concerned....), when Neena spotted a signboard of Wangsa Walk:

Neena: Ayah! Look, ada Sushi King (logo)
Me: Mana.....ohooo yes yes,pandai Neena.
Neena: Ayah, Neena nak makan Sushi King?
Me: Eh! Tadi Neena kata nak makan roti canai kan?
Naufal: Ha ah laa Neena, kita makan roti canai laa, Sushi King mahal la.
Me:*Giggling* OK, kalau nak makan Sushi King kita tunggu Mama ada sekali (Mama had to go to office today after almost 10 days working from home) ok Neena?
Alisya: Kita tunggu Mama ada sekali la, Mama tak ada tak best la pergi Sushi King.
Me: Ha'ah...nanti Mama ada kan, dia boleh blanjer kita kan kakak?
Alisya: Ishhh..Ayah ni kan....Mama mana ada duit lagi...
Me: Ehh...Mama tak ada duit duit ke Kakak?(Trying to sound surprised)
Alisya: *Giggling* Ehh....Mama ada duit laaa, dia simpan dalam kocek seluar dia laa...apalaa Ayah ni....heheheh!!
Me: So, Neena, camana ni...nak makan apa?
Neena: Neena nak makan roti canai saje lah....
Me: Ok...kita makan roti canai...
Naufal: Naufal nak roti canai dgn kuah dal & pedas (this dude kuat makan pedas considering he's only 6)
Neena: Neena nak kuah dal sahaja...
Me: OK ok...let's go...

Though they know Sushi King quite well, they also know it's not something that we could do everyday - expensive to a certain extend, to my kind of income at least. Once a month only we'd allow them McD, KFC and Sushi King....

....and today it's A&W's "turn" as far as "allowed amount of fast food per month" is concerned.
After spending almost 2 hours at the playground, the kids has emptied the plain water I packed in the 1L Sigg Bottle. So I took them to A&W for a treat - Strawberry smoothies for the girls, Mango+Banana smoothies for Naufal, & "slurm" (root beer float) for the dad!
After waiting for 10 minutes - no smoothies were in sight. My slurm is half emptied by the kids already. Then the counter-lady came & said strawberry is out of stock so can they change to mango +banana instead,I asked the kids and they gave the thumbs up.
10 more minutes - slurm not even half an inch left in the mug - still no sign....intervention was imminent laaa kan?
Called the crew leader & the counter girl, ask them to settle it immediately. The counter girl then came to our table and explained that they're a bit late and apologized and asked if I'd want to cancel the order.
I told her that if it's any adult's that put up the order, I don't mind at all but it's MY KIDS, MY KIDS and they are thirsty...the counter girl promised 6 minutes and sent the kids a cup of cold chocs. OK, fine. Thank you.

When the smoothies finally arrived - sent by this bloke who'd probably had a bad childhood cuz the word "smile" is probably not in his vocab I bet - none of the mugs had a straw in it!!
As the boy put the mugs on the table, I asked Alisya & Naufal to get the straws - and the blardy bloke did not even realized the kids were doing his job and did not even helped my kids to get the straw at the counter.

Apa lagi...another intervention lah!!

Called the crew leader and asked him - Do you guys actually serve smoothies without straw? Nope! So he was trying to get the straw for me - I told him it's ok, my 6 yr old kids have managed to get it but please tell that boy you employ, next time he's on duty be more sensitive with what he's serving. I have eaten at the KLCC A&W outlet a gazillion times and this is the poorest service I have ever encountered. The only answer from the idiot was - ke...

I would not waste any more time on the prioritiy is my kids, not asking people to do their job better.
So, I just concentrate on what we have on the table with my kids....

Then we went off - almost lunch hour and Suria would be swarmed with "P" staff,, time to disappear before some hati-busuk people caught me be being happy with my kids!

For the past 2 days, these are what I have been up to with my kids....would not trade this moment for anything else!!

Photos uploading - done much much later. P1 buat hal lagi!

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