Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Such a co-incident, the meaning of my name in Arabic is similar to the Chinese characters to spell it....and quite similar to the actual meaning of Optimus Prime!! (Ahahah!! Tak caya pi belajar Arab & Mandarin & English, I am doing it for my kids to valide this claim of mine! Weheheheh!)

Anyway, we went to the see Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.
The kids love it (mak & ayah diorang pun laa!)

The only minus was when a stupid lady stood right in the middle of the aisle as Optimus was about to be resurrected by Sam. Who does she think she is? Megan Fox?? Bodoh ke apa itu orang....
People were restless with the presence of that stupid bitch so as Optimus Prime, I had to save the day....used the mask of Optimus to nudge the bitch away from blocking the people's view.....and the battle between Optimus & The Fallen was viewed by many who sat on the same file as we did,
without a stupid bitch blocking the way!

So....ada sesiapa lagi nak cari pasal dgn Optimus Prime? Wehehehe!

Alisya is a massive fan of Optimus Prime.
Naufal prefers Bumblebee
Neena: "Neena suka Megatron!"

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