Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On assignment

Self photography - on a Medevac helicopter piloted by the ultra-cool Captain Rohaizad during the 2009 Petronas-Malaysian GP F1 Week.

The first time for me in a heelo! The first for me doing aerial photography & medevac too.

Like my Grand Master Moi Chee Keong says - "There's always the first time..."

The fear of failing is nothing compared to the fear of trying. You will never know what you are capable of until you took that step to prove it to your self, gain more confidence as you do it and one day you woke-up telling yourself - Hey! I have made it this far already!

Of course, you must put your priorities right, measure the possible risks involved and put proper milestone of achievements, with the end-state clearly defined. Otherwise, you might end up being like the vast majority - always competing to the end of their life but in the end their life has no meaning and its too late to do anything about it but continue bragging on what they monetary & positions they have achieved - but not necessarily what they love to do and managed to do it well....

Some people I know (close and far), I find it that they are always fiercely competing each other (though they don't really admit they are doing it!) ...some achieves what they want (in proper, truthful ,noble ways or not, that's between them and their creator lah!) some does not....but both are pure losers in the end because all the time is always about how rich you are,: who drives a Merce/ Beamer, who owns Rm1m house, etc etc..
Kaya camana pun kalau part pergi Haji always bagi reason "Belum sampai seru"...jawabnya tak ke mana laa kut.

Only those who realize that there is more to life than competing against each other, would be the one that realize they should put more time on doing something they really want to do in that ONLY ONE LIFE that they have! InsyaAllah these bunch will achieve something that they want (not necessary worldly wealth)

....and we should always be humble no matter what we achieve. Celebrate it with your family & those that matters , acknowledge others that made you achieve what you have achieved, help others to achieve their goals, share your stories but not to the extent that you are actually boasting about it.

Anyway, to the losers out there....GET A LIFE! (.....NOT!!! Continue losing, we are not interested to know anyway!)


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