Monday, June 22, 2009

How Cute

The P1 WiMax is really a massive upset. I could not upload anything without getting error message. If the file ever get to be uploaded it will take hours. It is lucky if I can manage to upload one single shot per day....and all they can do is, ask me to check the connection, light color, setting etc...and then change some technical setting which I did - and it worked only for a few minutes...then they asked me to go to their "Pit Stop"....yeah service, my foot.
So, that's why I had to go to Old Town White Coffee Jusco AEON AU2 to upload the shots below.....and the kids enjoyed the foods....well actually they wanted to go there - they just love the roti bakar served....and while they did some shopping, I get to upload all the shots I wanted to my FlickrPro and blogspots. Then we head home.

After a good afternoon rest, we went out for dinner...and Mama started baking her kek lapis Sarawak for a regular customer. Just before I decided to call it a day, the kids called me and they presented a nice cake baked by my Wifey....something called Japanese Cotton-soft cheese cake or sumthing, a recipe my wifey is trying out for her line of products.
They wished me happy father's day and Neena insisted to sing Happy Birthday to me! Ahahah! What a cute bunch I have! Alhamdulillah.....

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