Monday, June 15, 2009

Cendol and Rojak

Since my childhood days, I have been eating (drinking?) cendol. The best would be to have rojak mee with cendol. Perfect match.....and my kids seems to fancy the idea too. From time to time we'd go out for rojak & cendol but I have to make sure the gravy ofthe rojak is not too spicy for the girls - Naufal is ok with spicy & hot foods.
We tried the famous cendol of Haji Wahab's near our rumah pangsa recently. The kids love it so much and they fondly name the place "kopitiam cendol" ~ because the tables & seats are kopitiam style!

On the last day of the school break, we did the pool all out...after which, the kids were complaining that they are hungry! Their appetites are really amazing...kuat makan siut...and they wanted to go to....Kopitiam Cendol! Ahahaah!

Sadly, it was late in the evening and they have to prepare for school wake up early (today la tu), no Kopitiam Cendol for them....maybe this weekend, insyaAllah...

Those who has not tried Haji Wahab's Cendol shoud give it a try.
The taste is superb, the quality is consistent.

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