Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Umrah 2009

There will be moments in life that you feel you are not at ease and have to be with somebody you love almost immediately even though it is quite impossible due to some constraints. I have faced this situations many time and the most recent one was when I immediately sms-ed my beloved Wifey and told her we need to be back in JB and send my parents off to their 14 days Umrah.
It came in as a surprise to my parents because I have mentioned to them earlier I could not make it because the only "usable car" I have is not in a good condition to travel far...the other two are still in workshops - one just recovered from being stolen, the other one still waiting to be properly restored after almost a year waiting for reasonably priced parts.
Anyway, we made it to JB by 2am that night and the next evening we are back in KL, Alhamdulillah....
Myself, Wifey & the kids missed Tok Mak & Tok Abah....they are enjoying the trip with my Pak Ngah & Mak Ngah who have not been there for quite a while due to health situation. Alhamdulillah, finally they are ok to visit their favorite place again this year.....insyaAllah, I pray we'd be there soon, the whole family. I pray I'd be able to bring them soon, InsyaAllah....

...Neena wanted to follow Tok Mak!

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