Sunday, May 31, 2009


The weekend been a hectic one and I wish I had more time to play with the kids rather than just be near them while shooting the weeding of a relative's daughter....anyway, at least we are together all weekend!


There are some stuff that I still don't quite understand when it comes to adat perkahwinan. No, I am not referring to the event over the weekend but overall adat perkahwinan Melayu. Some of the events are just too well..urhmm "unique" to say the least. For instance, "Khatam" section where normally a bunch boys & girls will be reciting the Muqaddam of women singing songs appraising the Prophets Muhammad S.A.W. and Allah Arabic & Malay....I am not good in Tajwid and all but, the kids Tajwid are so huru-hara and the pronunciations are just a confirmed failure in the first place...and the women singingand reciting doa (rather long and winding ones to tell the truth) do they understand the whole length of what they are saying in Arabic in the first place? To top that, what's the link of some contemporary erkk..."tempo" and songs to the overall intent? And the, mengada2 gelenyar style pun aada sesetangfah tu....with the influence of frigging Bollywood and those so called artis-artis "kontemporari" - thanx to reality TV shows lah! Nak barakah ke just untuk berhibur? Almost like jamming session some might observe...?


OK laa....maybe the stated options are better than joget lambak & "kugiran"...but still....what's the overall intention? Nak barakah ke nak berlagak?
Haywire that so called Ustaz (who is said used to be a rock band singer - I dunno, must be a small time rock band cuz I just listen to the likes of Search & Belantara!) and this Arab-like lady artist who recently made the news about their erk...hurmm...well....relationship...even though the Ustaz is married with 4..or is it 5 or 6 (I dunno! I don't read this kinda news obediently - ntah apa kelas punyer publisiti siut!!!) .
Apa ke jadahnya....nak jadi Ustaz ke nak kejar glamer dgn alasan berdakwah? Apa dia ta'arif dakwah tu in the first place? Macam Sisters In Islam? (Aheheheh.....that's another HAL laaa...too pandai, baca Quran in English jer...kut yer solat pun abis semua in English depa hayun....kalau yer la bersolat pun....padahal adab jaga aurat pun ntah kemana!)
Anyway...yeah...ramai yg pandai sangat sekarang ni, kan?
Nak tegur tableh, so, lantak diorang lah beb.....

So, camana nak buat? Quoting my recent Fb status (I don't quote a lot like many "intellect" writers wannabe lah!) :

"....rimas dgn suasana lagak sekeliling? The fact is - some stuff you can't control, so just don't try to control! Work on the stuff that's within your plug-in that 'Touch and everything is cool! Nak lagi best, get the hell out of the "suasana lagak sekeliling", whip out the SLRs and work some creative shots out! Woohooo!!!"

The 30th May marked our 10th year as husband & wife. Celebration? well, not in place yet since we were busy helping a relative with her daughter's wedding - on that same day. Mak & Abah arrived from Jeddah after 2 weeks of performing Umrah & Ziarah on the same date too.....truth be told I do wish I could do something to celebrate the event but there are many other priorities we have to see through first...dough is kinda tight this year due to the situation I am in, so, insyaAllah, we'll celebrate sometime soon, insyaAllah.

What matters most is, we are still here as a family, and the priority is still the same- the kids comes first....

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