Thursday, May 07, 2009

Aliya's Artwork

I believe most people would use a diary or notebook (moleskine or not!) to write what they have in mind...or draw what they have in mind.
I did the same until recently I decided rather than just writing (or drawing) what I have in my mind why not I let my kids draw (or write) whatever they want in the notebook (no, not "the" moleskine, not yet!), it will be priceless memory down the years.
So, I started with Aliya (ok ok ok... Neena!). I drew the heart on that page presented above and asked her to color it... but then she asked me for my 0.7mm mechanical pencil (oh yes she really is fond of this particular pencil!) and started to draw the rest of the items on that page, then she colored the items.
Humming her tunes as she does her baby.
I love you Neena!!

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