Sunday, May 31, 2009


The weekend been a hectic one and I wish I had more time to play with the kids rather than just be near them while shooting the weeding of a relative's daughter....anyway, at least we are together all weekend!


There are some stuff that I still don't quite understand when it comes to adat perkahwinan. No, I am not referring to the event over the weekend but overall adat perkahwinan Melayu. Some of the events are just too well..urhmm "unique" to say the least. For instance, "Khatam" section where normally a bunch boys & girls will be reciting the Muqaddam of women singing songs appraising the Prophets Muhammad S.A.W. and Allah Arabic & Malay....I am not good in Tajwid and all but, the kids Tajwid are so huru-hara and the pronunciations are just a confirmed failure in the first place...and the women singingand reciting doa (rather long and winding ones to tell the truth) do they understand the whole length of what they are saying in Arabic in the first place? To top that, what's the link of some contemporary erkk..."tempo" and songs to the overall intent? And the, mengada2 gelenyar style pun aada sesetangfah tu....with the influence of frigging Bollywood and those so called artis-artis "kontemporari" - thanx to reality TV shows lah! Nak barakah ke just untuk berhibur? Almost like jamming session some might observe...?


OK laa....maybe the stated options are better than joget lambak & "kugiran"...but still....what's the overall intention? Nak barakah ke nak berlagak?
Haywire that so called Ustaz (who is said used to be a rock band singer - I dunno, must be a small time rock band cuz I just listen to the likes of Search & Belantara!) and this Arab-like lady artist who recently made the news about their erk...hurmm...well....relationship...even though the Ustaz is married with 4..or is it 5 or 6 (I dunno! I don't read this kinda news obediently - ntah apa kelas punyer publisiti siut!!!) .
Apa ke jadahnya....nak jadi Ustaz ke nak kejar glamer dgn alasan berdakwah? Apa dia ta'arif dakwah tu in the first place? Macam Sisters In Islam? (Aheheheh.....that's another HAL laaa...too pandai, baca Quran in English jer...kut yer solat pun abis semua in English depa hayun....kalau yer la bersolat pun....padahal adab jaga aurat pun ntah kemana!)
Anyway...yeah...ramai yg pandai sangat sekarang ni, kan?
Nak tegur tableh, so, lantak diorang lah beb.....

So, camana nak buat? Quoting my recent Fb status (I don't quote a lot like many "intellect" writers wannabe lah!) :

"....rimas dgn suasana lagak sekeliling? The fact is - some stuff you can't control, so just don't try to control! Work on the stuff that's within your plug-in that 'Touch and everything is cool! Nak lagi best, get the hell out of the "suasana lagak sekeliling", whip out the SLRs and work some creative shots out! Woohooo!!!"

The 30th May marked our 10th year as husband & wife. Celebration? well, not in place yet since we were busy helping a relative with her daughter's wedding - on that same day. Mak & Abah arrived from Jeddah after 2 weeks of performing Umrah & Ziarah on the same date too.....truth be told I do wish I could do something to celebrate the event but there are many other priorities we have to see through first...dough is kinda tight this year due to the situation I am in, so, insyaAllah, we'll celebrate sometime soon, insyaAllah.

What matters most is, we are still here as a family, and the priority is still the same- the kids comes first....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monochromatic Toxication 2

With roller-coaster kind of emotion when it comes to (non)achievements and sacrifices done for more than a decade at the workplace, I realized I have been losing too many battles and trusted too many backstabbers and the best to do now is to gain a save distance away from all the negative vibes...and people. I knew what I have been through, what I have done...but it's just being written that I am going to be in the deeper end, so be it. ...and though it is a "failure" I have to deal with, somehow I feel obliged to "reward" myself, which is, well... kind of... weird. Normally, for many decades I have been breathing, I will not reward a failure...guess this is not a failure at all, just a small distraction (or annoying nudge by those who were involved). So, I got something that will be useful for me to move a notch up in this journey...and I am honored to have new friends and respected leaders who actually stepped up to assist me in this whole fiasco....unlike those who were supposedly claiming to be very responsible leaders but actually just a bunch of "tak kenal halal-haram" character-killing heartless sissies who just wants achievements engraved with their names. Alhamdulillah.

For many months I have been trying to distract & disconnect from the wasted past efforts and continue with a new slate. While at it I have been trying to improve on monochrome composition, tight, using 50mm on 1.5x CMOS base...and 50mm on a 35mm film base.

My kids & family being the main subject, and insyaAllah gonna do some outing on this format soon & continue improving....improving, improving....cuz that's a vital part to achieve the target of clinching bigger stuff in 2009/ 2010...insyaAllah...

PhotobucketNikon FE + MD-12 + 50mm f1.8Nikon FE + MD-12 + 50mm f1.8
Nikon FE, Nikon MD-12, Nikon 50mm F1.8 manual lens.
Believe it or not, this is my first SLR, acquired over the weekend, used, very mint condition, almost ad good as new, got it at a very good price, affordable to my kind of limited budget....
Actually, the item was blocked booked many months ago...only took it this weekend because I feel it is the right time for me to finally own a "reliable" classic SLR body - a legend some might say...
I can't afford to have my own SLR when I was in my college years, so now is the time....Alhamdulillah.......
I have not even done a roll of film since I took this classic as part of my equipments, maybe in a week or so I would be processing the shots and see what I need to do to move up to the next notch in "above average compositions" ...InsyaAllah.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wesak Parade 2009, KL - outing with CHAPs hardcore members

It has been quite a while since CHAPS had an outing. At the rate I am going now, Outing is a luxury. Since VII had a workshop in KL recently, I took the opportunity to view closely (in real prints!) the works of the best photographers in the world at Balai Seni Negara. It was an eye-opening experience...shots that I have been admiring on the internet, right in front of my eyes. I went with the kids and Wifey....
Then Rahman & the others with our guest of honor, Mr Siddharth Jain arrived, I stayed and the family went back. We went through two galleries, then had a drink. The grand finale was the Wesak Parade.....boy, what an interesting outing!! Based on inputs received, I am happy that I have moved to another notch, with lots of rooms for improvements, still!
It is not easy to frame emotion& feelings.....but I am getting there, insyaAllah...

Wesak 2009

Buddhists devotees touching a floater decorated with Buddhas in small "caves" during the Wesak 2009 Parade in Kuala Lumpur, MY.

Wesak 2009

A monk swarmed in bubbles, riding a colorful floater during the Wesak 2009 Parade in Kuala Lumpur, MY.

Wesak Day is an annual holiday observed traditionally by practicing Buddhists in South Asian & South East Asian countries, universally commemorated on the full moon in the lunar month of Viskha, usually during late April or early May. Informally called "Buddha's birthday," it actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment Nirvana, and passing (Parinirvana) of Gautama Buddha.

~ Khairil Faizi Jamian/ CHAPS, Malaysia

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Umrah 2009

There will be moments in life that you feel you are not at ease and have to be with somebody you love almost immediately even though it is quite impossible due to some constraints. I have faced this situations many time and the most recent one was when I immediately sms-ed my beloved Wifey and told her we need to be back in JB and send my parents off to their 14 days Umrah.
It came in as a surprise to my parents because I have mentioned to them earlier I could not make it because the only "usable car" I have is not in a good condition to travel far...the other two are still in workshops - one just recovered from being stolen, the other one still waiting to be properly restored after almost a year waiting for reasonably priced parts.
Anyway, we made it to JB by 2am that night and the next evening we are back in KL, Alhamdulillah....
Myself, Wifey & the kids missed Tok Mak & Tok Abah....they are enjoying the trip with my Pak Ngah & Mak Ngah who have not been there for quite a while due to health situation. Alhamdulillah, finally they are ok to visit their favorite place again this year.....insyaAllah, I pray we'd be there soon, the whole family. I pray I'd be able to bring them soon, InsyaAllah....

...Neena wanted to follow Tok Mak!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What drink would you like to have? .v2

...erkkk....hmmm....ANYTHING lehhhh?!!

Haaaa amik kau lagi se-round....!!
Kan dah cakap kat bawah sikit tadi, memang ada air ANYTHING!

Carbonated, the one I got tasted like F&N Orange but lighter on the gas & nicer orange taste. next time if you ordered WHATEVER or ANYTHING, you should expect SOMETHING like the ones I showed here lah!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day

I might not be able to recall all the teachers that have thought (and still is teaching!) me but one thing for sure I really appreciate what they have done for it it nos because of these wonderful beings, I would not be where I am now....

Especially to my Mother - Hjh Halijah Haron, my Father - Hj Jamian Dollakim, my uncles & aunties, especially Allahyarham Tn Hj Abd. Rahman Haron (Pak Uda) whom I know really rich with loves though he had nothing much to share in ringgit & sen....I wish I could helped him much better when we did our Hajj back then....terima kasih Uda...may Allah bless you & the others....

Thank you to all my teachers....I can never express how much I appreciate what you have thought me...thank you.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What drink would you like to have?

...erkk...hurmm WHATEVER-lah!

Haaaa amik ko!
Ni haa, mmg ada pun!!!
Sedap gak...ala-ala Jasmine Tea.

There's another option.....
ANYTHING....tak caya?

(ANOTHER!) Happy Birthday Mama!

Yeah...we had a great weekend....and it did not stop there!
Another round of celebration for Mama (and Alisya insisted the cake is hers too) courtesy from a
hotel in the city center.....

....and we also had the yummylicious chickenwings for dinner....


Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday & Happy Mother's Day Mama!

The weekend was splendid.....we celebrated Mama's birthday at home on Friday... then on Saturday at Concorde Hotel, together with Mother's day...

...and then on Sunday we celebrated Mama's Birthday & Mother's day again at HRC!

There's nothing more rewarding than being with the family!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Aliya's Artwork

I believe most people would use a diary or notebook (moleskine or not!) to write what they have in mind...or draw what they have in mind.
I did the same until recently I decided rather than just writing (or drawing) what I have in my mind why not I let my kids draw (or write) whatever they want in the notebook (no, not "the" moleskine, not yet!), it will be priceless memory down the years.
So, I started with Aliya (ok ok ok... Neena!). I drew the heart on that page presented above and asked her to color it... but then she asked me for my 0.7mm mechanical pencil (oh yes she really is fond of this particular pencil!) and started to draw the rest of the items on that page, then she colored the items.
Humming her tunes as she does her baby.
I love you Neena!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


..finally told Mak & Abah about the situation....wish they were here & the kids too, badly need a family hug....

When we did our Hajj, one of Mak's doa & nazar was to bring my baby to Kaabah....and when Aliya is born....I targeted 2007 to bring the whole family and was so sure to achieve it (how stupid of me being too dependent on getting a good rating for a good reward, in the end, everything was shot down and nobody actually cared that much what I have sacrificed and done for that team, no friend is a trusted friend anymore from that moment)

So much for lesson learned, 2008 is the worst yet for me when it comes to rating and appraisals..and when I told Mak & Abah about my situation they were very supportive. I know they are quite confused because since the day I started working they always say I work too hard for the company...
Maybe I did...and now it is time I learn my lesson and change the did to don't.

"I know, others are enjoying what they have achieved...just bersyukur for whatever you have and for whatever it was those others has done to you, they'll be rewarded one day too..." said Mak.

Well, at least Mak & Abah are going for Umrah in a few weeks they love to be there (Ya Allah only you know how I love to be there too!.....2010, with the family, insyaAllah....)

Just face the future, just let the river flow...just take each day as the first day of the rest of my life...

OK...let's work that documentary....

John Stanmeyer, co-founder of VII Photo Agency

I had another pleasant surprise...
John Stanmeyer - co-founding member of VII, contract photographer with Time Magazine since 1998, and works regularly on assignment with National Geographic magazine- replied my mail and added me in his FB. He'll be in KL end of 2009. I did mention I really want to meet him in person so hopefully I can, insyaAllah.

Some of John's marvelous works can be viewed here:

Time's Exclusive

I Must really shift to the next level...more to come insyaAllah.

~ Khairil Faizi Jamian/ CHAPs, Malaysia

Monday, May 04, 2009

Joachim Ladefogeed, VII Photo Agency

Among some other professional photographers, I really admire the works of Joachim Ladefoged, one of the world's best photojournalist/ documentary photographer. Recently, while having a drink with Rahman Roslan (an international photographer - a local rising star in documentary photography), it just struck me that maybe I should get in touch with some of them via FaceBook....and move on to the next level of my journey in this arena.

...and Joachim Ladefoged was the first to add me as a friend. Thanks Mr Ladefoged!!
His marvellous works can be viewed at:

~Khairil Faizi Jamian/ CHAPs, Malaysia

~Recent TT with A.G & Rahman Roslan

Saturday, May 02, 2009


"It's like a river flowing in front of our doorstep...if what the flow carries is good, it's up to you whether you want to take it in or let it flow....if what it carries is bad, just let it, Khairil, just let it go (Do you understand me, Khairil? I think you do....just let it go.), because there are many other better things coming in front of your door step....insyaAllah..."

~ That's what I got yesterday from my mentor/ buddy/ a good friend/ a seasoned & very humble servant of Allah whom I have learnt a lot from....


* The shot was taken yesterday morning...where I learnt (from another seasoned mentor) how to detect the blue most area of the skyline....thank you my Sifus....may Allah bless you all for your kindness & sharing of ilmu...thank you.