Friday, April 03, 2009


Hot day on the track, as always...but the fun part in right smack in the middle of the day...heheheh!! There would be only two photographers that managed to get this shot...since they were the only photographers at that location when this happened....
One would be a cool phat bloke using a massive Canon bazooka lense...
The other one would be the bloke who happened to be the writer of this blog...heheheh!
For those who are not into F1...the car is a Scuderia Ferrari, the driver is Kimi Raikkonen. The Ferrari produced blue smoke towards the end of the morning practice session....and the whole cockpit was consumed in sisha for Kimi for the next couple of months I guess!
It was said the KERS batteries were overheated. The smell, phewww...really pong!!
Yessireee....I was just about 3 feet from that car.....

....hmm, yet another Ferrari experience for me since I went shooting the procedure with extrication the team & FIA officers at the Ferrari pit yesterday.

Anyway....this two shots would probably be on my best shots list...aye?

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