Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monochromatic Toxication

Can't sleep. Some people name it "minda kacau". For me, I don't want to mark it anything. I'd just go with the flow and concentrate on achieving what I have set. Can't get everything in life, better to appreciate what you already have. Let them "tamak haloba" insensitive, ruthless people say what they want, it matters not anymore.
Could have rested on the couch and dozed off while watching NatGeo after I have completed burning the gazillion gigabytes of files for the last job (thanx to Yoda The Good Ol' iBook....not thanx to the unreliable HP Machine running Wimpdoze!)...but the "mental mode" was restless and anxious on exploring monochrome compositions so I set everything necessary in the wee hours of the day. Packed everything the the new slingbag and ready to explore my skills in the morning. The kids bags are already set for action much earlier...and their new pets are still confused I guess...having a bunch of cute little humans as their lord now!
Have no idea how long these water creatures will survive. One sure thing though, the kids are really excited.... spent hours watching and talking to their pets....the first thing the looked for when they woke up in the morning....well, at least they are eager to wake up earlier now!....but this little lady...will always be the last to rise & has so many demands as she does...hmmm...I guess that's the advantage of being the youngest in the family.
She'd want me to hug her until she sleeps. Sometimes she'd woke up and go to Mama instead, then I'd hug Alisya or Naufal till morning.....the only mornin that I'd actually look forward to would be a Saturday, Sunday...or a public holiday....that's when I don't have to play my role in the sickeningcorporategame and be with the kids instead!

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