Sunday, April 12, 2009

FW: Lostforwords

...yeah! Another NatGeo canvas bag....

It has finally been confirmed that I will be at the bottom of the class as far as last financial year appraisal is concerned. No fcuking way for me to get that same average rating I have been getting for millenniums because 50% of the appraisal was "conviniently" given by a bastard who's so proud finally to be in a class of his own with the idiots he used to shit & piss on. All I must do to get an average score was to get the eversoimpossible rating of above average in the new unit. Tough. I should hv gotten that rating a few times before, in different units....but hv always been shot down to average. Being new to the biz and having to handle new life with the kids, I just cud not spend any more time & energy than what I have already did.
So, let it be written. So, let it be done.

There's no reason for me to not to proceed doing what I have in mind now.
For my future.
..and for the people who played their "roles"....may Allah help them...if they still know Allah.
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