Friday, April 03, 2009


One of a very rare opportunity I could ever imagine....being allowed to take shots in the pit of Team Scuderia Ferrari. Not that I am a fan of this team but it is something new to me - documenting the procedure of driver extrication on a real F1 car. In this case the FIA Medical Chiefs - Dr Gart Hartstein & Prof. Jean Charles Piette, required all the 3 Charlie Team (Extrication Specialists) to complete the procedure within a time limit set. The team held up the pride of the nation by proving that though we are new in this arena, we managed to clock an average of about 3min 40sec....with the new set of Novax gloves to protect them against static shock due to the KERS implementation. Bravo Charlies!!

..and I had my first experience being on board of a Medivac Helicopter. Rather mixed emotion in the first place - yer la takut terjadi apa-apa where got parachute in the heelo, no way can use parachute pun sebab the height is not enough for the chute to function...but high enough to create a complete disaster for our life! Anyway, once on board, I felt relaxed and comfortable. The flight took 15 minutes to the HUKM Medivac pad and I was quite surprised I could scramble down and took shots of the first helicopter - the one carrying "the patient". later lah....tangkap muat jer dulu nih, have to rush to the circuit already.

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