Thursday, April 30, 2009


* Did what was expected from me for the day
* Listening to music by |R|A|T|M| all the time
* Still have something bugging my mind...

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Alisya Irdina

.....oh boy...too many things to write about...too many selected best (uhumm!) shots to edit & workloads...yadyadyad...but as I have always stated, my priority is my FAMILY...

So, this is more important than anything - Alisya Irdina is 6 years old today!!!

Yeah...we got her presents last night and she was happy with it...maybe a small celebration this weekend with the family...

I love you Alisya Irdina!

...and I hv another Lamy to complete the collection..this one's gonna be with red the same discounted price with the first too!

Kali ni janji masjid will write more & do some interesting things with the kids on the monologue papers....since 2008 been a bad year trying to be nice to the Zoo and the beings inside it , so 2009 is gonna be totally family & my personal journey oriented year...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Under the weather

Heatlh been really in a mess since I got that eye infection. With the F1 completed and XC.XX done, I am still suffering heavy fatigue and I have lost my voice for 6 days already. Cycling? No way, not risking my life!
Seems that there will always be this vicious cycle where people will get sick in hoards at once.

...and then after the bird flu, there's this swine flu H1N1...

Is the world not a healthy place anymore??
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Friday, April 17, 2009

On Assignment

Yup...another shooting weekend. A bag of apparels & necessities. NatGeo backpack of main equipments & a Mac. NatGeo slingbag for my flashguns....and the most important package - myself, filled with eagerness & excitement! (plus a slight fever & cough...)
Miss the family already....but this is for them, let's do it Torque!
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The prettiest Lady on Earth...and beyond

When I did a recent massive printing job for a client, the designer reminded me about the importance of post-editing. it or not, photographers must be able to master the arts of post-editing/post-processing be it on whatever softwares & tools available....but of course it is up to the person how much editing he wants to use for his works....
I prefer minimal editing...the best for me is to get a perfect shot but if that is not quite achievable then post-editing is there to cater for the desired outcome. I learnt from my mentors, when it comes to post-editing, cropping & level adjustments would be more than enough to make good images, IF you are really a good photographer!!!....otherwise, if you found yourself spending hours or days to get the best out of that shot you took, you're a media artist...nothing wrong with that, it's what you want to be!

The shots presented are re-shoot of actual printed photos, shot on monochrome mode using my D300 with 50mm f1.8 Nikkor, edited on Nikon's Capture NX. The lady is my wife. When a subject is pretty, you will end up with a pretty shot...otherwise, you should not bother holding an expensive DSLR!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Simple. Dark. Light. Love. Joy.

Mama had to stay back awhile yesterday so I went to fetch the kids and took them to KFC....aku tak tau la apsal aku tiba2 nak sgt makan KFC semalam!!! Ordered their meals..and and a dinner plate for myself - good thing I did not order the usual Snackplate, cuz the 3rd piece of chicken kena "pow" dgn Aliya!!!

Oh boy..the kids can really eat! The whole table was gone before they hit the playground!

....and I got the chance to take their photograph, under low light condition, high-speed anticipation!

....stills, eyes, faces, motions, reactions, emotions....and of course, my signature - shadows.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monochromatic Toxication

Can't sleep. Some people name it "minda kacau". For me, I don't want to mark it anything. I'd just go with the flow and concentrate on achieving what I have set. Can't get everything in life, better to appreciate what you already have. Let them "tamak haloba" insensitive, ruthless people say what they want, it matters not anymore.
Could have rested on the couch and dozed off while watching NatGeo after I have completed burning the gazillion gigabytes of files for the last job (thanx to Yoda The Good Ol' iBook....not thanx to the unreliable HP Machine running Wimpdoze!)...but the "mental mode" was restless and anxious on exploring monochrome compositions so I set everything necessary in the wee hours of the day. Packed everything the the new slingbag and ready to explore my skills in the morning. The kids bags are already set for action much earlier...and their new pets are still confused I guess...having a bunch of cute little humans as their lord now!
Have no idea how long these water creatures will survive. One sure thing though, the kids are really excited.... spent hours watching and talking to their pets....the first thing the looked for when they woke up in the morning....well, at least they are eager to wake up earlier now!....but this little lady...will always be the last to rise & has so many demands as she does...hmmm...I guess that's the advantage of being the youngest in the family.
She'd want me to hug her until she sleeps. Sometimes she'd woke up and go to Mama instead, then I'd hug Alisya or Naufal till morning.....the only mornin that I'd actually look forward to would be a Saturday, Sunday...or a public holiday....that's when I don't have to play my role in the sickeningcorporategame and be with the kids instead!

FW: Fishy business

The only thing I look forward to, from today, would be the time to fetch the kids....and today, they have a surprise....the got fish from their teacher!!
Alisya & Aliya got 2 each. Naufal got 3.
So, like it or not, I had to buy aquarium for them. One each. So that they can be responsible for their own pet...just that small plastic type, with some colorful stones and shells for decor....and some fish food...Hmm...maybe I should back-charge the costs to their teacher on monthly basis...
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

FW: Lostforwords

...yeah! Another NatGeo canvas bag....

It has finally been confirmed that I will be at the bottom of the class as far as last financial year appraisal is concerned. No fcuking way for me to get that same average rating I have been getting for millenniums because 50% of the appraisal was "conviniently" given by a bastard who's so proud finally to be in a class of his own with the idiots he used to shit & piss on. All I must do to get an average score was to get the eversoimpossible rating of above average in the new unit. Tough. I should hv gotten that rating a few times before, in different units....but hv always been shot down to average. Being new to the biz and having to handle new life with the kids, I just cud not spend any more time & energy than what I have already did.
So, let it be written. So, let it be done.

There's no reason for me to not to proceed doing what I have in mind now.
For my future.
..and for the people who played their "roles"....may Allah help them...if they still know Allah.
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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hello KingKong!!

I could not make it that night after the race, so many things to settle. The kids actually waited for me to send them to school the next morning!! Kesiannya...

So, the moment I met my kids after almost full week...would be the perfect definition of JOY!

I fetched them yesterday afternoon and belanja them some stuff & slept with them. The skool promoted Alisya to the senior class due to her rapid progress. Naufal been doing well but has to excel further....
Aliya...she is the "pet" of the skool staff, she looks more like an Ah Moi now!!

I laughed out load when she greeted me...."Hello KingKong!"

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Back Home

Done the round of duty for this season...not the best race in my list - late start, heavy rain and all....but the best contribution & achievement for my personal target.
Maybe better next season, InsyaAllah.

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Friday, April 03, 2009


Hot day on the track, as always...but the fun part in right smack in the middle of the day...heheheh!! There would be only two photographers that managed to get this shot...since they were the only photographers at that location when this happened....
One would be a cool phat bloke using a massive Canon bazooka lense...
The other one would be the bloke who happened to be the writer of this blog...heheheh!
For those who are not into F1...the car is a Scuderia Ferrari, the driver is Kimi Raikkonen. The Ferrari produced blue smoke towards the end of the morning practice session....and the whole cockpit was consumed in sisha for Kimi for the next couple of months I guess!
It was said the KERS batteries were overheated. The smell, phewww...really pong!!
Yessireee....I was just about 3 feet from that car.....

....hmm, yet another Ferrari experience for me since I went shooting the procedure with extrication the team & FIA officers at the Ferrari pit yesterday.

Anyway....this two shots would probably be on my best shots list...aye?


One of a very rare opportunity I could ever imagine....being allowed to take shots in the pit of Team Scuderia Ferrari. Not that I am a fan of this team but it is something new to me - documenting the procedure of driver extrication on a real F1 car. In this case the FIA Medical Chiefs - Dr Gart Hartstein & Prof. Jean Charles Piette, required all the 3 Charlie Team (Extrication Specialists) to complete the procedure within a time limit set. The team held up the pride of the nation by proving that though we are new in this arena, we managed to clock an average of about 3min 40sec....with the new set of Novax gloves to protect them against static shock due to the KERS implementation. Bravo Charlies!!

..and I had my first experience being on board of a Medivac Helicopter. Rather mixed emotion in the first place - yer la takut terjadi apa-apa where got parachute in the heelo, no way can use parachute pun sebab the height is not enough for the chute to function...but high enough to create a complete disaster for our life! Anyway, once on board, I felt relaxed and comfortable. The flight took 15 minutes to the HUKM Medivac pad and I was quite surprised I could scramble down and took shots of the first helicopter - the one carrying "the patient". later lah....tangkap muat jer dulu nih, have to rush to the circuit already.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wet afternoon, really really wet

What a day....met Bro Bazuki, shot the FIA Medic. Equipment Inspection, documented the Medivac procedure which meant I get a heli to do the documentation (more on that, later), was supposed to document extrication procedure at Turn 4 when suddenly it rained very very heavily....
That's the AMG...I prefer the last 2 season's spec. Have not met Dennis yet but Dr Gary Heartstein was here at the end of the inspection.
Cool day...and wet too.
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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cool & heavy (quite!)

...still continuing from previous entry...
That's my main gears. Tomorrow will be an even hotter and busier day for the team, FIA inspections, tests and the likes. Will start staying here from tonight, later when the kids are asleep.
Gonna miss them.
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Rubber...KERS...and the likes

Second day on duty today, hot & humid, almost no wind except the constant blow from the aircond....sheer bliss compared to being on the track service road in a Nomex...and this year, with thick rubber gloves!!
Why rubber gloves?
Protection against potential shock by being in contact with the F1 vehicle.
KERS - kinetic energy recovering system. A new technology required in the rigs for this season. Simply put - like a dynamo to recover & store power to be used for specific manouver depending on the driver. Cool? Not sure yet!!

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