Friday, March 27, 2009

Guns & Water

...wanted to write something last night but was too fatigue after a tiring day starting with the kids waking up early (and me having only about 2 hours of sleep the night before!) and had to send Mam to the airport (thanx to the bus who departed earlier than the stated time and without doing proper headcount too!)...and when a "client" decided he cannot pay for the job I did (due to policy shit even though I was actually doing them a huge favor) the day seemed to crumble on, I went back and took the kids for a treat at Wendy's and after preparing their stuff for today, I went to bed with them, told them some stories and the next ting I knew, it's already today...a tiring day yesterday, frustrating in a way but rezeki comes in many shapes & an offer to shoot DYMM SPB YDPA golf game and possible some Langkawi Tourism thingy...insyaAllah....
...BUT..what matters most is, I have promised my kids for a splashing fun day tomorrow, so that's what going to happen, INSYAALLAH....just bought new waterblaster guns for the kids (and for me too weheheeh!!) we all can see, it is obvious these shots are done on my phone's camera...lesson learnt from being a pro-photographer, no need to bring the gears unless the job is confirmed and payment is firm...and if possible, choose the client!

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