Thursday, March 12, 2009


<- Hmm...swoosh then flick.....or is it flick then swoosh...Ayah camana ni??

Apparently, while the rest of the Boleh-Land was busy with PPSMI, Politicians Primetime Show (8pm news laa tu!), FaceBook-ers putting up "I-am-an-important-idiot-in-this-organization-so-let-me-tell-you-all-that-I-am-off-to-another-country-on-business-trip" or "I-am-so-very-a-high-society-thinker-&-mighty-above-you-other-mere-mortal" status.....little did they know that KLCC has been taken into custody by a FairyKenit....

...more updates whenever I feel like eye is better than none!

1-2-3 jump...or is it 1-2-jump....Ayah camana Superman nak start terbang eh?-> me, I thought you told me I am KingKong!

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