Sunday, March 22, 2009

F1 - Back in action, different role

Saturday morning, off to the SIC, this tie not as the Fast Intervention Vehicle Driver nor trainer for the newbies but official photographer for the Medical Support Team.
The drivers are mainly newbies - some of which I have worked/ trained during he last couple of seasons - lead by a seasoned driver who drove with me in the early days of our involvement.
Many things happened along the years and the final flag was raised last season, thus why the line-up are newbies. The original team members decided not to get involved anymore - but not entirely all are originally "original"....just to keep it simple - some people cannot give commitment due to their position, some, are just not disciplined enough (we stroke off some names from the list - due to lack of commitment & discipline and more damagingly - not being a responsible driver/ team member).
It is not a privilege, it is a massive responsibility.
While they think they were qualified by being there the previous years, some just fail to put the real fact of being in the team into their thick skull (...some are just too sissy-arsed in reality, could not even make it past Turn 4 without shivering & skidding - so much about bragging being a FIV driver in the first place ahaahahah!!).
Anyway, history will remain history. I am not siding anybody but the show must go on and all I can say is the present line-up of drivers are really tough and dedicated...we can work on the discipline part easily since they are not the "commanders" kind of mentality (the ones that would always want to lead for whatever reason!) but they are real team players and know when to accept commands and when to give feedback, proper. All the best to them....I'll be there just to take photos of the team anyway!

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