Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Animals Animals Animals

Out of nowhere, I suddenly recall when I was a kid there was this t.v. program called "Animals Animals Animals". I could not really recall in total what was it all about but definitely it was about animals and it involved some cartoon and other fun & funny stuff to make the audience enjoy and understand the contents better. It was cool. The theme song was like:
"Animals Animals Animals Animals Here and there.....
Animals Animals Animals Animals Everywhere!"

As mentioned earlier, my Proton Persona 1.8SRi (Wira UK Spec 1996) was stolen and after a week was found and though it is not as it was according to the workshop guy, I am just happy to have it back.
Restoring it to a perfect state will be a challenge...time & money is neede for that matter....but I will do it. One thing at a time, Insya-Allah.

I have been on MC for almost 10 working days due to bad viral infection to my right eye. Though I am far better than las week's condition, my vision is still no as it used to be. I went for a solo street shoot last Saturday after a lunch appoinment with Ted Adnan and I just had to rely on my instinct & judgement to get 2 shots at a single location...and that's all that I managed. Have not been able to cycle too due to this condition....and work is piling up at the office while the secure connection portal is as good as useless....to top that off, I had to take another 5 day leave this week becautse the kids are on school holiday and nobody can spare time to take care of them, not even my wifey who seems to run 2 offices with one payslip....

At times like this I wish we have a reliable maid. Or a close relative living nearby.....well maybe not. Have given up relying on anybody since everybody will always have their ever so important matters and excuses.
So let them go deal with their matters, I so don't care about it at all and from now I will be the only one in charge and spend time with the kids even if it will cost me a bad performance, so be it....coz it is like almost a full month not being able to come to work already, dammit!

Since everybody close to me have been so selfish, the time has come for me to be ultimately selfish, except for my kids, I am gonna put what I want as top priority from today. The rest, none of my concern.

~ on Symbian mobile device

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