Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another Saturday ride with PERS

Had another Saturday ride with PERS (Putrajaya Easy Riders) buddies with 3 new members - Sy Din Elda & Haikal. I was not really well on that day - Aliya & Alisya & Mama was a bit under the weather I did not even go to the AKAR Exhibition (my first exhibition for 2009 with CHAPs) and I just got about 4 hours of sleep. Anyway, the ride was fun, the only regret was I should have bought the gel saddle....MUST BUY IT soonest possible lah!

We did not do much off road this time (which a bit of a minus for me lah) but we covered 28km with average of 14km/h or so. The majority was on T-Bolt while wwe have Sy Din on Fuji Tahoe & Elda on Diamondback. Both hardtails. Aliff lead the way while Dr Azmi sweeps the trail...not much of a job because the ultime tail-end would be MOI!
Well at least we managed to scale (termasuk "turun & tolak style!") 3 hills, and found ourselves on PICC overlooking "The Forbidden Bridge".
Oh well...lesson learned - must get a good rest 0 at least 5 hours sleep the night before any ride, a definite! Owh....a proper warm up & warm down excuse!

The next week ride may involve more off-road than previous week. We'll see how it goes. I am going to Perak on Sunday next week - spend some time enjoying the nature with the what we did last week after that cramp experience!! We had great time - the whole family - picnic at a riverbank & beach...Kota Tinggi & Kuala Sedili. Will post it up once this frigging WiMax technical glitch is big similarity of any service providers in Bolehland - UNRELIABLE within a short time frame of impressive service!! Why can't they understand the simple concept of less is more!

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