Friday, February 06, 2009


Under a shade @ Kuala Sedili....Kuala Sedili
What have the kids been up to lately? Well, apart from exploring new stuff at their new Chinese Medium Kindergarten & Daycare Centre, they went back to Johor recently to have a gathering with their cousins. Almost turned back to KL halfday due to some noises I heard on the left front wheels - but after a pit stop at Ayer Keroh fly-over (and couple of hundred moolahs flew away at the Al-Ikhsan outlet there!) everything was ok. Must have been some road debris on the calipers or something I guess.
Anyway.....they had a great time. First up a picnic at a small campsite by a stream near Air Terjun Kota Tinggi (been ages since I last been there!)..but the water is not clear (it rained heavily the night before) so we decided to go to Kuala Sedili, I have NEVER been there and as for Tok Abah pulak dia kata last time dia pergi was in the 1960s!
It is a very nice place - we had lunch and then splashed for more than an hour - tengahari buta tu pukul 2pm!! We had a great time, together the whole family.

That's Alisya trying to build her sandcastle. Timing sket Minah ni sekarang, demanding. A sure sign of growing up....but she'll want me to hug he at night if she's cold...she will always be my baby!

..and Aliya too...would want me to hug her to sleep though sometimes she'd woke up at around 2am to go to Mama!
Naufal...hmmm...asyik2 NGOMPOL! Aiyooo pening la mamat nih!! Aheheh!
The Kids & cousins @ Kuala Sedili

...Blogspot is kinda ridiculously unreliable nowadays, uploading is almost impossible and there is no e-mail support from Blogger anymore. I don't mind paying like FlickR Pro if the service is and support is good, ini macam nak lari jer drp support users, hampeh...
...P1WiMax pulak dah kena taji 2 kali baru today I get to upload quite easily...such a stupid reason they gave - Your condo is not in our coverage area - when the fact is I get yello & green constantly and there's a massive bill board not even 700m from here stating it's WiMax area. Chet! Another hampeh!

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