Friday, February 13, 2009

Night rider

Since my muscle is still "dormant", I decided to do week-day solo rides...which means I have to cycle at night due to my hectic daily schedule. So that's just what I did...after picking the babies from their kindy today, I went to "MyRide" shop..the intent was to get a flashlight for my bike and a bike for Neena...but I end up buying 3 scooters (alloy - RockBike) for the kids...since Neena decided she's afraid to cycle and prefer the scooter instead...and the towkey became Rm300 richer this evening!

After a light dinner with the family and Isya' prayer, I started my journey.....went to Wangsa Melawati from my rumah pangsa, took a break and long chat with Bro Zul my F.I.V. team member (getting some info on some team issues lah!) and his surau buddies....the I rode back to VWM using another route. Total distance of about 10km.

I am just happy to be able to scale the hill from Wangsa Melawati up to the VWM Seri Wangsa 2 road (see pix...notice KLCC and the elevation of the road below the bar...that's the easiest part of the route!).

Rhino needs tuning form a proper mechanic soon...gear shift is not smooth and the disc brakes are not gripping as good as it should. Otherwise, it is still the same good 'ol Rhino!!

Well......cycling & photography...the rather rewarding ways for me to deal with years of being bullied & ridiculed by The Zoo Creatures...they may have their titles, perks, positions & "power", but to those heartless people - F U ALL! Ahahah!!

I have my life to enjoy!!

I just want to, see you at the top or the bottom!!

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